City of Leeds United in WW1

Remembering those from Leeds who gave their lives in world war one.


St John The Baptist New Wortley

                                                 St John The Baptist New Wortley Now At St Mathews Church Holbeck Moor

                                                                      SMITH - WHITEHEAD



SEWARD Arthur 29180 Lincolnshire Regiment 10th Labour Company KIA 16/09/1917 Aged 24. Born Wortley 1893. Son of Joseph Hosmer and Hannah CWGC 19 Colinore Place Wortley. Arthurs Occupation Helper For The Anglo American Oil Company. Laid to Rest Essex Farm Cemetery Belgium.

WHITTERON  Claude Second Lieutenant 1/6th Bn West Yorkshire Regiment KIA 25/04/1918 Aged 26. Born New Wortley 06/01/1891 Vol 9b Baptised 31/05/1891 St Johns New Wortley. Son of John and Edith Slater Married 1888 Leeds Registered Building. Enlisted Private into WYR 2962 and 3rd Bn WYR 265752 Landed France 16/04/1915. Commisioned 22/06/1917. Remembered on Tyne Cot Memorial Belgium.

ELLIOTT George also G Litleton Navy



BOULBY John Otty Sapper 95523 106th Field Company Royal Engineers DOW 29/10/1915 Aged 32. Born Hartlepool 1883 Vol 10a Page 160 Son of John Thomas and Annie Married Vol Page CWGC of the Fire Station Leeds.  Husband of Jennie CWGC 16 Willoughby Place Holbeck. Landed France 27/09/1915. Laid to Rest Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension France.

SEDGWICK Frank Private 33881 25th Tyneside Irish Bn Northumberland Fusiliers KIA 28/04/1917 Aged 22. Born Holbeck 1895. Son of James and Alice Turnpenny Married 1893 St James Seacroft. CWGC 15 Marion Street Whitehall Road. Remembered on Arras Memorial France.

BONNER Arthur Thomas Joseph Private (6717) 242687 1/7th Bn West Yorkshire Regiment DIED 23/01/1918 Aged 30. Born New Cross Kent 1889 Vol 1d Page 999 Baptised 03/11/1889 Bow Common St Paul's Son of Arthur Albertson and Elizabeth Margaret Chance Married 1888 Mile End Tower Hamlets. Laid to Rest Wimereux Communal Cemetery France.

DARBYSHIRE Frank Private 24514 20th Bn Durham Light Infantry DOW 26/05/1917 Aged 20. Born 08/02/1897 Parish of St Peter Leeds Baptised 05/12/1897. Service Record states Enlisted Leeds 20/11/1916 West Yorkshire Regiment 245114 Residence Bland Terrace Mill Lane Holbeck. CWGC 1 Island Terrace Mill Green, Holbeck Occupation Cutter. Landed Boulogne France 27/04/1917. Transferred 12/05/1917 to Durham Light Infantry. 24/05/1917 Wounded Gun Shot Wound to the Abdomen. 16/10/1917 Franks Mother Jane recieved his personal belongings. Laid to Rest Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery Belgium. Brother of William mentioned below

DARBYSHIRE William Wharton Private 21407 10th Bn York and Lancaster Regiment KIA 21/04/1917 Aged 24. Born 29/05/1893 Parish of St Peter Leeds. Son of William Hodgson and Jane Broadley Married St Alban the Martyr North Leeds 1892. Remembered on Arras Memorial France.

CAVE Alfred Thomas Private 33281 10th Bn Yorkshire Regiment DOW 30/03/1918 Aged 34. Born Stonehouse Stroud 1885. Son of Alfred Thomas and Mary Lydia Baggs Married Stonehouse 1880. Husband of Florance A G Lewis Married 1912 Leeds Registered Building. CWGC 15 Darfield Crescent Harehills. 1911 Boarding at 8 Stanley Terrace Ashley Road Harehills Occupation Clth Finisher. Enlisted into K.O.Y.L.I 31394. Laid to Rest Doullens Communal Cemetery Extension No1 Somme France.

WHARTON Fred Private DM2/190778 729th M.T. CompanyArmy Service Corps DIED 17/12/1917 Aged 30. Born Ashton-Under-Lyne 1887. Son of James and Mary CWGC 18 Colmore Place, Wortley. 1911 4 Roseneath St Armley Occupation Grocer. Laid to Rest Baghdad North Gate War Cemetery Iraq.

TEMPLETON H Unknown Can You Help.

ROBINSON W William 241971 or Walter 241842 

BAXTER Franklyn Mainstone Gunner 95879 Royal Field Artillery 458th Battery KIA 10/04/1916 Aged 27. Born Leeds 1889. Son of Issac hall and Susannah Wainston Married 1892 St Matthew Little London Leeds. Landed France 23/07/1915.  Laid to Rest Dickebusche New Military Cemetery Belgium. (NO F. M ON RECORD)

WHITEHEAD Herbert Lance Corporal 13070 2nd Bn West Yorkshire Regiment DOW 31/03/1918 Aged 23. Born Holbeck Vol 9b Page 324a. Son of Walter Todd and Mary Jane Hatfield Married 1887 St John The Evangelist Wortley. CWGC 14 Winnie Terrace Whitehall Road . 

Remembered on Memorial 18 Rosieres Hospital Cemetery Heath Cemetery Harbonnieres Somme France.

                                                                      THOMPSON - HAIGH


THOMPSON H Too Many Gave their Lives can you help.

WATMOUGH Fred Private 12627 8th Bn York and Lancaster Regiment KIA 07/10/1915 Aged 31. Born Leeds. Son of Edward and Mary Ann CWGC Wortley. Husband of Martha Pottage who Married Tom H Chambers St Matthew Holbeck 1897. Married Fred 1901 Hunslet District Registered Building.CWGC 115 Whitehall Road (New Wortley). Laid to Rest "X" Farm Cemetery La Chapelle-d'Armentieres France.

DICKS J Unknown Can you Help.

PERRY John Private 10402 2nd Bn Yorkshire Regiment DOW 15/06/1915. Laid to Rest Boulogne Eastern Cemetery France,

TILLOTSON John Alfred Lance Corporal 2791 2nd Bn Northumberland Fusiliers 06/09/1915 Aged 25. Born Holbeck 1890. Son of Alfred and Alice Rose Parked Married 1889 Leeds Registered Building. CWGC 12 Kilburn Street Whitehall Road New Wortley. France 13/08/1914. Laid to Rest Kemmel Chateau Military Cemetery Belgium.

HARDAKER Percy Private 17521 X Company 1st/5th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers DOW 05/09/1915 Aged 28. Son of William and Elizabeth.Husband of Charlotte Weston Married 30/05/1914 St Philips Leeds. CWGC 9 Harrison Row West Street. Landed France 29/06/1915. Laid to Rest Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery Belgium.

HOULDEN Harry Private 13554 7th Bn King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry DOW 02/10/1915 Aged 31. Born Wortley 1884. Son of James and Emily 1901 Residing Wortley. Laid to Rest Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension France.

WILKINS Frederick Thomas HMS NATAL


GAUNT G W Unknown Can you Help.


CARRISS E W Unknown Can you Help.

BAKER H Unknown Can you Help.

NAYLOR Samuel Pioneer 129640 1st Bn Special Brigade Corps of Royal Engineers KIA 05/10/1916 Aged 22. Born New Wortley. Son of William Died 1895 and Jane Emma Harrison Married 1874 St John The Baptist New Wortley. CWGC 3 Danube Grove New Wortley. Thank you to Steve Jones for the photo of Samuels Death penny Steve informs me that Samuel was probably amongst 5 fatalities accompanying a raiding party of the 2nd Devons.

Laid to Rest Philosophe British Cemetery Mazingarbe France.


LOCKWOOD Willie Guardsman 8946 2nd Bn Scots Guards KIA 26/12/1916 Aged 22. Born St James Farnley 1894. Son of Benoni Benjamin and Mary Ann Davison Married 1888 St Peter Leeds. Husband of Florence Brown Married 1915 St John The Baptist New Wortley. Florence remaried to Harry Pepmerton in 1920 St John The Baptist New Wortley. Laid to Rest A.I.F. Burial Ground Flers Somme France.

SOUTHWORTH Thomas Private 15847 11th Bn West Yorkshire Regiment DOW 11/07/1916 Aged 46. Born Preston 1870. Son of Henry and Emma Crowther Married Bury 1866. Husband of Ada Kershaw Married Chorlton 1901.


Laid to Rest Warloy-Baillon Communal Cemetery Extension Somme France. 

WHITWORTH George Private 17/591 17th Bn West Yorkshire Regiment KIA 26/08/1916 Aged 19. Born New Wortley 1898. Son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Annie Wright Married St Jude Potteryfield Hunslet 1883. CWGC 10 Calvert Street New Wortley. Remembered Thiepval Memorial Somme France.

HAIGH Harold Henry Private 13230 8th Bn King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry KIA 06/09/1916 Aged 23. Born New Wortley. Son of Herbert and Kate Dresser Married St John The Baptist New Wortley 1892. CWGC 1 Torbay Avenue Domestic Street Holbeck. 1911 3 Senior Place New Wortley Occupation Shop Assistant. Remembered Thiepval memorial Somme France.

                                                                     HADDOCK - WILSON



HADDOCK David Thomas Private 29516 1st Bn West Yorkshire Regiment DOW 26/01/1917 Aged 39. Born Bagby Thirsk 1877. Son of William and Elizabeth Armitage Married 1877 CWGC Whixley Nr York. Husband of Sarah Jowett Married 1908 St John The Baptist New Wortley. CWGC 65 Clyde Street New Wortley. Enlisted Leeds 16/05/1916 Brewers Drayman. Landed France 06/09/1916. Wounded sent to 33th Clearing Station. Laid to Rest Bethune Town Cemetery France.

PYBUS Fred Private 35201 111th Company Machine Gun Corps DOW 25/05/1917 Aged 25. Born New Wortley 1892. Son of Richard and Kate Dennell Married 1892 St John The Baptist New Wortley CWGC 17 Kildare Terrace New Wortley. Enlisted Leeds 04/12/1915 Residence 8 Winnie Terrace New Wortley.  Occupation Glass Blower. 5ft 2 Inches Tall 23 years 7 Months. Into 24705 West Yorkshire Regiment. Trained at Grantham Signaller. Landed Boulogne France 14/10/1916. Joined 11th Company 06/04/1917.  Laid to Rest Tilloy British Cemetery Tilloy-les-Mofflaines France.

MULLINS John George Private 201705 2/5th Bn West Yorkshire Regiment KIA 17/02/1917 Aged Born Wortley 1897. Son of Joseph and Hannah Bootland Married 1890 Holy Trinity Armley Hall. 1911 4 Gas House Court Occupation Shaper. Remembered Thiepval Memorial Somme France.

DEACON William Private 13987 12th Bn West Yorkshire Regiment KIA 27/09/1915 Aged 21. Son of Craven and Mary Alice CWGC/1911 22 Oswald Street Sheldred Road New Wortley Occupation Machine Moulder. Remembered on Loos Memorial France.

MITCHELL E J Unknown at this Time Can You Help

MASON E Unknown at this Time Can You Help

WALKER Samuel Private 7178 1/9th Bn Durham Light Infantry DIED POW 08/11/1916 Aged 31. Born Wortley 1885. Son of Benjamin and Emily. Husband of Francis Ann Hinchcliffe Married 1905 St Peter with St Cuthbert Hunslet Moor. Enlisted 03/12/1915 Aged 30 Years 11 Months. 41948 12th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers. Landed Boulogne France 16/10/1916. Transferred 17/10/1916. Died of Sickness whilst Prisoner of War. Wife at 1 New Street Wellington Road New Wortley 26/04/1917. Sam was a Pork Butcher Pig Dealer by trade. Laid to Rest St Souplet British Cemetery France.

SEED John William Private 41637 24th Tyneside Irish Bn Northumberland Fusiliers KIA 12/06/1917 Aged 25. Born Leeds 1892. Son of George and Emily Biacchi Married 1892 St Matthew Little London Leeds. 1911 3 Oswald Avenue Geldard Road New Wortley Occupation Apprentice Compositor.

 Laid to Rest Bailleul Road East Cemetery France.

GOULDEN J Choice of Two Men.

WILSON A Unknown at this Time Can You Help

CALLIS Arthur Private 4215 1/8th Bn West Yorkshire Regiment DOW 24/07/1916 Aged 32. Son of the late Arthur and Jane  Husband of Lily CWGC 5 Wakefield Place Whitehall Road. Laid to Rest Etaples Military Cemetery France.

MOORE A Unknown at this Time Can You Help

WIDDAS George Private 21352 4th Bn West Yorkshire Regiment DOW 10/06/1916 Aged 38. Born York. Son of Alfred and Jane Lucas Married York 1859 York District Marriages York. Husband of Harriett CWGC 6 Dufton Place Spence Lane New Wortley. Laid to Rest St Sever Cemetery Rouen France.

KIRK James Alfred Private 40014 9th Bn Royal Irish Fusiliers Died Gun Shot Wound to Chest 18/08/1917 Aged 31. Born Son of William and Mary Elizabeth Malkin Married 1883 Holy Trinity Armley Hall. Enlisted 27/11/1915 Leeds Resident 13 Hope Mount Armley Occupation Cutter. Husband of Edith Spencer Married 29/06/1912 St John The Baptist New Wortley.


Laid to Rest Brandhoek New Military Cemetery No 3 Belgium.

MAY Alfred 4/8220 4th Bn Bn West Yorkshire Regiment KIA 01/07/1916 Aged 29. Born Leeds 1887 Son of John W and Druscilla Cotton Married 1877 St John The Baptist New Wortley. Husband of Gertrude Godley Married St Peters Leeds 1908. 1911 9 Annie Terrace Holbeck. Enlisted Leeds. Laid to Rest Aveluy Communal Cemetery Extension Somme France.

SCHOFIELD Lawrence Private 241420 2/6th Bn West Yorkshire Regiment KIA 16/08/1917 Aged 20.Born Leeds 1897. Son of James and Clara Louisa Schofield Married 1895 St Peter Leeds. CWGC 33 Danube Grove Gelderd Road New Wortley. Laid to Rest Favreuil British Cemetery France.

ROGERS J Unknown at this Time Can You Help

WILSON P Unknown at this Time Can You Help                                                                   


                                                                      BOWEN - WRIGHT


BOWEN Alfred 16753 Private 3rd Bn Scots Guards DIED at Home 18/09/1917 Aged 33. Born Coalbrookdale Shropshire 1884. Husband of Elsie Lizzy Lawrence Married Wolverhampton 1904. 1911 34 Willoughby View Holbeck Occupation Caustic Operator Soap Works Holbeck. Laid to rest Brompton Cemetery London.


Alfred Bowen

MILLER Albert 17/467 17th Bn Private West Yorkshire Regiment KIA 16/09/1916 Aged 34. Born Bradford 1882. Husband of Violet Burrow Married 1905 St John The Baptist New Wortley. 1911 Residence 13 Oswald Grove New Wortley Fish Dealer. Daughter Hilda Born 11/08/1914.

  Laid to Rest Faubourg-d'Amiens Cemetery Amiens France.

TUNSTALL Jack Private 245201 12th Bn Durham Light Infantry KIA 20/10/1917 Aged Born Leeds Enlisted Leeds 11809 Northumberland Fusiliers Remembered Tyne Cot Memorial Belgium.

TAYLOR John Edward Private 276184 7th Bn Durham Light Infantry KIA 25/09/1917 Aged 25. Born 1892 Ripon. Son of Edward H and Eliza CWGC 4 Holgate Row Willington Road.  Laid to Rest Henin Communal Cemetery Extension France.

PENROSE Ernest 235918 9th Bn West Yorkshire Regiment KIA 09/10/1917 Aged ?. Born Leeds. Enlisted Leeds 3454 Yorkshire Hussars. Remembered Tyne Cot Memorial Belgium.  

SPENCE Benjamin 10344 9th Bn West Yorkshire Regiment KIA 22/08/1915 Aged ? Born Leeds. Enlisted Leeds Landed Balkans 11/07/1915. Remembered Helles Memorial Gallipoli Turkey.

BARRACLOUGH Lawrence Squire 8945 2nd Bn Scots Guards KIA 18/12/1914 Aged 18. Born Hunslet 1896. Enlisted Leeds Landed France 22/09/1914. Son of Arthur and Mary Coultate Married 1911 5 Danube View Gelderd Road New Wortley. Remembered Ploegsteert Memorial Belgium.

KELLETT Samuel Pearson Private 37654 9th Bn West Yorkshire Regiment KIA 28/08/1917 Aged 37.Born Barkston Ash 1879. Son of George Born Barkston Ash 1855 and Sarah Elizabeth Pearson Born Pannel 1852 Married Wetherby 1876. Husband of Amelia Raper Married Holy Trinity Armley 1904. Residence 1911 Southfield Place Armley Leeds Occupation Boot Warehouseman. Enlisted Leeds. CWGC Father of Mr. George Harry Kellett 15 Carlisle Street New Wortley Leeds. Remembered Tyne Cot Memorial Belgium. Barkston Ash WW1 War Memorial.

NEWTON George William Private 42807 D Company 2nd/9th Bn Manchester Regiment KIA 09/10/1917 Aged 30. Born Leeds 1883. Son of George and Frances CWGC 46 Gelderd Road New Wortley. Husband of Jane Broadbent Married St John The Baptist New Wortley 1909. Re married 1919 to William H Fawcett St John The Baptist New Wortley 1919. CWGC of 27,Gelderd Road New Wortley. Enlisted Leeds 39765 West Yorkshire Regiment

GAUNT Walter Sergeant 2329 1/7th Bn West Yorkshire Regiment KIA 01/07/1916 Aged 31. Born Wortley 1885. Son of Harry and Emma. Husband of Nellie Grunwell Married 1909 St Matthew Holbeck.  1911 2 Acomb Street New Wortley Furnessman in Steel Works. Remembered Thiepval memorial Somme France.

SWANN Tom Yeadon Private 30185 17th Bn York and Lancaster Regiment DOW 13/09/1917 Aged CWGC Brother of E Arch 11 Talavera Street New Wortley. Laid to Rest Lillers Communal Cemetery France.

HEDEN William Edward Private 17/1625 17th Bn West Yorkshire Regiment DIED at Home 25/01/1918 Vol 9b Page 500 Aged 30. Born Bramley 1886. Son of William and Emma Husband of Ellen Webster Died 1929 Married Bramley and Holbeck District Registered Building 19/10/1912. Enlisted Leeds 19/06/1915 Residence 3 Drice Row Spence Lane New Wortley Occupation Carter. Discharged 26/12/1917 due to Gunshot Wound Left Arm. Given Silver War Badge 331259. Laid to Rest New Wortley Cemetery Leeds.

WALTON Sydney George Private 41404 9th Bn Norfolk Regiment DOW Edmonton 28/04/1918 Aged 19. Son of Frederick and Amelia Whitaker Married 1894 St Jude Potteryfield Leeds. CWGC 56 Bruce Street New Wortley. Enlisted Leeds 04/11/1916 15th Bn West Yorkshire Regiment. 4th Bn Leicester Regiment 26/10/1917. Landed France 04/04/1918. Norfolk Regiment 05/04/1918. Gun Shot Wound Right Leg and Right Arm 15/04/1918. General Military Hospital Edmonton London 19/04/1918. Next of Kin Informed 06/05/1918.  Laid to Rest Hunslet Cemetery Leeds.

ELLIS George Henry Lance Corporal 265103 2nd Bn West Yorkshire Regiment KIA 12/10/1918 Aged 23. Born New Wortley 1895. Son of John Robert and  Alice Louisa Bell Trayfield Married Holy Trinity Armley Hall 1886. CWGC 2 Carter Street New Wortley. Laid to Rest Brebieres British Cemetery France.

George Henry Ellis

WILKINSON J Too Many On Record

LISTER G B Choice Of two LISTER George Bertram Drummer. LISTER George Belding Private. 

ARCHER Samuel Private 268398  1/6th Bn West Riding Regiment KIA 29/04/1918 Aged 20. Born Son of Arthur and Louisa Bateson Married 1896 Holy Trinity, Armley Hall. CWGC 38 Skilbeck Street New Wortley. Laid to Rest La Clytte New Military Cemetery Belgium.

WRIGHT William Arthur Private 19/1638 11th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers KIA 24/09/1916 Aged 23. Born Leeds 1893. Son of James Thomas and Maria Dove Married 1890 St John The Baptist New Wortley. CWGC  66 Holdforth Street New Wortley Occupation Engine Cleaner. Remembered Thiepval Memorial Somme France.                                                                 

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