City of Leeds United in WW1

Remembering those from Leeds who gave their lives in world war one.

                                                                LEEDS WW1 WAR MEMORIALS




Remembering the 17 men from Leeds who gave their lives serving in the New Zealand Forces in World War One

BANKS Harold Kirby 4/90B New Zealand Division Employment Company 29/09/1918 Aged 41. Born Son of Kirby and Margaret Ellen Hudson Married 1860 Kirkstall District Registered Building. Husband of Edith Margaret Boyd Married 1898 Holbeck District Registered Building CWGC Trinity Grove Bridlington. Went to New Zealand in 1904 returning in 1913. Enlisted 25/09/1914 to the British Section of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force.  24/12/1914 until 09/04/1916 Served in Egypt. 09/04/1916 - 19/5/1916 Served in France. 19/05/1916 returned to England on leave. Christmas 1916 in Bridlington Harold suffered heart problems and was discharged as unfit for war service on 03/01/1918 Laid to Rest Holbeck Cemetery Leeds. Brother Walter Newman DIED 1916 Remembered on Beeston Hill Wesleyan Church Memorial CLICK HERE

BOYNE Harold Waddington Sergeant 12/3259 2nd Bn Auckland Regiment New Zealand Expeditionary Force KIA 21/02/1917 Aged 22. Born Chapel Allerton 1894. Son of William and Mary Ellen Waddington Married Caistor 1891. Harold had Brothers Reginald and William Edgar both who survived the war. In 1901 Harold was living with his family at 12 Station Road Blackpool. New Zealand Residence CWGC 7 Chamberlain St Grey Lynn Auckland New Zealand. CWGC States Also served in Samoa. Laid to Rest Pont-du-Hem Military Cemetery La Gorgue France. 

COUP George Harry Private 6/3667 2nd Bn Canterbury Regiment New Zealand Expeditioinary Force KIA 29/09/1916 Aged 32. Born New Zealand Son of George and Ann CWGC Kiapoi New Zealand and of Leeds. 1901 George was living at 167 Hyde Park Road. George's father shown as a retired Farmer Born Derbyshire 1865 and his mother Ann Born Leeds 1843. Remembered on New Zealand Caterpillar Memorial Somme France.

DIXON Harold Percy Private 49803 Otago Regiment N.Z.E.F DIED New Zealand 30/11/1919 Aged 34. Born Leeds 1885. Son of Thomas Henry and Sarah Jane Both Born Bernard Castle Married Darlington 1884. 1901 Living in Bingley Harold had Brother Joseph B and Sister Florence. Laid to Rest Christchurch Cemetery Roker Street Somerfield Christchurch New Zealand.

GALLAGHER Patrick Joseph Private 10/1490 Wellington Regiment N.Z.E.F. Died at Home 30/08/1918 Aged Born Wanganui New Zealand Mentioned on this page due to the CWGC Stating Husband of Elizabeth Remarried 1918 to James Gregson Hunslet CWGC (formerly Gallagher) of Hunslet Leeds England. Enlisted 1914 Wellington 99 Courteney Place Wellington, sister Catherine Winifred care of Royal Marines Barracks Plymouth. Served in Egypt 1915 and at Gallipoli. Laid to Rest Hawera Cemetery Gladstone Street Hawera New Zealand. 

GILL John Thomas Private 62448 2nd Bn New Zealand Entrenching Battalion N.Z.E.F. KIA 08/05/1918 Aged 38. Born Leeds 1880. Son of Thomas Londesbrough and Mary Hardaker Married St Peters Leeds 1869. CWGC 36 Raglan Street Beckett Street. Remembered New Zealand Memorial Buttes New British Cemetery Polygon Wood Belgium. 

GOLDTHORPE Harry Rifleman 33351 2nd Bn 3rd New Zealand Rifle Brigade KIA 01/06/1918 Aged 27. Born 1890 Batley. Son of William Henry and Elizabeth CWGC 4 Swallow Mount Wortley. 1901 Residence 55 Silver Royd Hill Wortley. When Harry enlisted his mothers residence was Lawrence Mass U.S.A

Laid to Rest Euston Road Cemetery Colincamps Somme France.

JOHNSON Ernest Private 8/831 14th Company 1st Bn Otago Regiment N.Z.E.F. 07/06/1917 Aged 22. Born Leeds 1897. Son of John Glarves and Annie Elizabeth Brand CWGC 7 Dawson Street Berhampore Wellington New Zealand Also served in Gallipoli and Egypt. Laid to Rest Wulverghem-Lindenhoek Road Military Cemetery Belgium. 

KELLETT John Private 8/591 Otago Regiment N.Z.E.F. 30/09/1917 Aged 30. Born Hunslet 1887.  Son of Ephraim and Lily Grayson Married 1887 St Barnabas Holbeck 1911/CWGC 38 Fewston Avenue Green Goss Lane Occupation Upholster. Served in Egypt 1914-16 at Gallipoli and on the Western Front 1916. Laid to Rest Andersons Bay Cemetery Dunedin New Zealand.

KNOTT Joseph Crosby Private 59918 1st Bn Wellington Regiment N.Z.E.F. 30/08/1918 Aged 42. Born 18/04/1876   Leeds Baptised 07/05/1876 St Peters Leeds. Son of Joseph and Elizabeth 1891 Residence 60 Prospect Terrace East Hunslet. Laid to Rest Bancourt British Cemetery France.

MILNES Herbert Albert Edwin Second Lieutenant 3rd Bn Auckland Regiment N.Z.E.F. KIA 04/10/1917 Aged 43.Born Beeston 1874. Son of William and Mary Malvine Barlow Married St Peters Leeds 1855. Husband of Louisa Heath Haler Died New Zealand 1913 Married 1905 Ilkley St Margaret. Lost His Life near Passchendaele in the battle of Broodseinde. Laid to Rest Tyne Cot Cemetery Belgium.

PHELPS Edgar Ernest Private 52006 Number 1st Bn Canterbury Regiment N.Z.E.F. KIA 18/04/1918 Aged 26. Born Leeds 1893. Son of Charles and Husband of Rose Amelia Colley Married 18/05/1916 New Zealand. CWGC 33 Myrtle Crescent Wellington New Zealand. Laid to Rest Sucrerie Military Cemetery Colincamps Somme France. PHOTO ANCESTERY

PINDAR James Richard Lance Corporal 9209 1st B Kings Own Royal Lancashire Regiment KIA 21/03/1915 Aged 31. Born Leeds 04/02/1884. Son of Walter Scott and Elizabeth Chadwick Married 1875 Leeds Registered Building CWGC of 4 Munro Street Napier New Zealand. 1891 residing at 7 Clarence Square St Michaels Headingley Walter was a bookbinders finisher. James was an Old Contemptible landing in France 30/08/1914.

Laid to Rest Strand Military Cemetery Belgium. (Troops knew the Cemetery as Charing Cross Cemetery)

ROBINSON Alfred Lance Corporal 15418 B Company 4th Bn 3rd New Zealand Rifle Brigade 16/11/1917 Aged Unknown. CWGC Son of Joseph CWGC 68 Beechwood Terrace Burley Leeds. Laid to Rest Tyne Cot Cemetery Belgium.

SANDIFORTH Fred Private 23259 1st Bn Canterbury Regiment N.Z.E.F. 12/10/1917 Aged 29. Born 11/01/1888 Headingley Baptised St Michaels Headingley. Son of John and Mary Cartwright Married 1876 St Michael Headingley. Residence 1911 Hawkes Bay Napier New Zealand. Husband of Mary. Brother of Arthur and Frank both KIA in WW1. Remembered Tyne Cot Memorial Belgium. (Arthur and Frank Remembered on Headingley War Memorial)

THOMPSON Robert William Private 6/3182 2nd Bn Canterbury Regiment N.Z.E.F. 01/10/1916 Aged 25. Born Leeds. CWGC states Son of Robert and Nellie . Remembered on Caterpillar Valley New Zealand Memorial Somme France.

WALKER Arthur Private 21624 Canterbury Regiment N.Z.E.F. 06/09/1918 Aged 30. Born Son of John Hargrave  and Emily Davison Married 1887 St Philip Wellington Street. CWGC 10 Buller Grove York Road Harehills. 1911 Residence 13 Carr Grove Elmwood Green Occupation Draper Assistant. Laid to Rest Bancourt British Cemetery France.