City of Leeds United in WW1

Remembering those from Leeds who gave their lives in world war one.



The following section remembers the 38 men and 1 women from Leeds who gave their lives whilst serving in the Royal Air Force in World War One.

ALLISON William Henry Air Mechanic 1st Class 59th Squadron 03/05/1918 Aged 20.Born Leeds 1898. Son of Charles and Lois Emma Simcox Married 1892 St Clement Sheepscar. CWGC 19 Sackville Street Meanwood Road. Originally joined Royal Field Artillery D Battery 210th Brigade.

Laid to Rest Bienvillers Military Cemetery France.

BLAKEY Walter Air Mechanic 3rd Class 164062 DIED 15/05/1918 Aged 19. Born Sunderland 1899. Son of Henry and Mary Shotton Married Sunderland  1888. CWGC/1911 Residence 33 Copperfield Grove Cross Green Lane. Laid to Rest Harehills Cemetery Leeds. Walter's brother Leading Seaman James Henry Lost his Life 26/10/1917 Aged 20. 

BRUNDRED William Aircraftman 2nd Class 329969 23/01/1920 Aged 23. Born Leeds 1896. Son of John Thomas and Fanny Evans Married Tadcaster 1881. CWGC 12 New Row Mill Street Bank. Was living with his brother John Samuel in Wakefield in 1911 Occupation Coal Miner. Enlisted Private in York and Lancashire Regiment 31/08/1914 Transferred on 08/09/1914 to Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve. Was captured and Interned at AntwerpCame home  19/11/1918. Demobolised 06/12/1919. Reenlisted as a Batman with 47 Squadron Royal Air Force. Disembarked at Novorossisk 09/07/1919 and arrived at Ekaterinodar on 11/07/1919. Joined 'A' Flight at Beketovka now Volgograd on 07/10/1919. Laid to Rest Novorossisk New Cemetery Black Sea Russia Remembered on Haidar Pasha Memorial Instanbul Turkey. Brother Lance Corporal John Samuel KIA 08/09/1916 Aged 32.

CATON Frederick Second Lieutenant 215th Squadron 01/09/1918 Aged 19. Born Kings Norton Birmingham 1898. Son of Charles Henry and Gertrude Alice Stephenson Married Kings Norton 1898. 1901 and 1911 Residence 468 Skipton Road Keighley CWGC 6 St. Ives Mount Armley. Laid to Rest Charmes Military Cemetery Essegny France.

COLLINSON Ernest Clerk 3rd Class 209th Training Depot School Died 09/11/1918 Aged 27. Born Morley 1891. Son of John George and Mary Residence CWGC/1911 15 Wetherby Grove Burley Occupation Printing Compositor. Laid to Rest Haslar Royal Naval Cemetery.

COWLING William Henry Air Mechanic 2nd Class 103959 Recruits Depot 07/06/1918 Aged 40. Born Leeds 1878. Son of Charles Edward and Agnes Beecroft Married 1877 Leeds Registered Building. Husband of Florrie Pratt Married 1902 Leeds Registered Building. CWGC 44 Carlton Cross Street. Laid to Rest Beckett Street Cemetery Burmantofts Leeds.

DE BUSSEY  Walter Second Lieutenant 82nd Squadron KIA 14/10/1918 Aged 30. Son of James and Elizabeth Gregory Married  1882 Leeds Registered Building. Husband of Ada Murgatroyd Married St Bartholomew Armley 1914. CWGC 10 Esholt Place Armley. Enlisted into York and Lancaster Regiment. Died whilst a prisoner of war.

 Laid to Rest Deerlyck German Cemetery 100 Metres East of Dadizeele.  

Laid to Rest Dadizeele New British Cemetery Belgium

DENISON John Second Lieutenant DOW 13/04/1918 Aged 18. Born Leeds 1900. Son of Herbert and Clara Ambler Married 1987 St Peter Leeds Residence 24 North Grange Road Headingley Laid to Rest Pernes British Cemetery France.

EASTWOOD James Alec Clerk 1st Class 62235 No. 3 Stores Depot 20/08/1918 Aged 19. Born Shipley 1899. Son of John Charles and Louisa Binns Married Shiplet 1897. CWGC 95 Burley Lodge Terrace Kirkstall. Laid to Rest Lawnswood Cemertery Leeds.

ELLIOTT George Air Mechanic 2nd Class 21618 2nd Kite Balloon Section 06/11/1918 Aged 27. Born Leeds 1890. Son of William and Eliza Jane 1911 Private in Scots Guards posted in Egypt. Laid to Rest Terlincthun British Cemetery Wimille France. 

FIRTH Phillip Roy Second Lieutenant DIED Doncaster 17/10/1918 Aged 19. Born Dewsbury 1899. Son of John  Leonard and Emily Jane Burton Married Louth 1898. CWGC Whinfield Headingley. Remembered Lawnswood Cemetery Leeds.

FIRTH Harry Air Mechanic 2nd Class 63035 Died 18/11/1918 Aged 32. Born Swillington 1886. Only Son of Alfred and the late Mary Ann Camplin Died Leeds 1913 Aged 51 Married Hunslet 1885. Husband of Nellie Dalby Married Barnsley 24/12/1912. CWGC 37 Thornville Street Burley. Laid to Rest Lawnswood Cemetery leeds.

FISHER Bertram Second Lieutenant 54th Sqaudron 21/07/1918 Aged 20. Born Mirfield 1898. Son of Herbert and Clara Rowe Married 1887. CWGC Yew Tree Moor Park Headingley. Attended Fulneck Boys School Pudsey.

Remembered Arras Flying Services Memorial France.

FULLER George Edwin Sergeant 175876 11th Squadron KIA 07/10/1918 Aged 18. Born Hunslet 1900. Son of Henry James and Emma Amelia Farmer Married Fulham London 1892. CWGC/1911 Residence 13 Park View Beeston Hill.

 Remembered Arras Flying Services Memorial France.

GATEHOUSE Walter Corporal 30932 No.2 Aircraft Repair Depot Died 19/10/1918 Aged 34. Born Armley 1884 Son of John William and Mary Ellen Everetts Married Leeds Parish Church 14/03/1881. Husband of Florence Selina Nettleton Married Bardsey All Hallows 31/05/1909. CWGC 27 Harrow Street Whingate Terrace Armley. Occupation House Painter. Laid to Rest Armley Cemetery Leeds.

GOLDMAN Soloman Air Mechanic 2nd Class 22013 Died 16/12/1918 Aged 22. Born Leeds 1896. Son of Barnet Born Poland 1856 a Shoemaker and Rachel Simon Born Russia 1860. Married 1880 Jews Synagogue Belgrave Street The Great Synagogue Leeds. CWGC Elenwood Place. (Elmwood Place)  1901 residence 25 Trafalgar Street Leylands Leeds. 1911 Occupation Tailors Apprentice. Laid to Rest Leeds Jewish Cemetery.

GREGORY Horace Corporal 3347 Aircraft Park Died 05/11/1918 Aged 22. Born Leeds 1896. Son of Willam Abner and Elizabeth Ann Smith Married Armley 1893. 1911 67 1st Avenue New Wortley Draughtsman. Remembered Karachi 1914-1918 War Memorial Pakistan.

HARRISON Herbert Private 2nd Class W/N240820 84th Wing 15/02/1919 Aged 30. Born Halifax 21/06/1888. Son of Mark and Eliza Ann Tinker Married 1886. Husband of Ethel Walker Married St Michael Buslingthorpe 22/06/1912. CWGC 10 Cliffdale Place Meanwood Road. Laid to Rest Morley Cemetery.

HARTLEY William Air Mechanic 1st Class 23440 03/06/1919 Aged 34. Born Son of George and Elizabeth CWGC Adel. Husband of Eva CWGC 18 Greenwood Mount Meanwood. Laid to Rest Adel St John Baptist Church.

HEYWOOD Alan Charles Albert Lieutenant RAF Observation School 20/06/1918 Aged 23.  Born Armley 1897. Son of Edgar Alan and Elizabeth Howell Married 1888 St Philip Wellington Street. Husband of Manon Lightfoot Married St Peter Leeds 21/08/1917.  CWGC Glendorgal Halton. Laid to Rest Cairo War Memorial Cemetery.

HILL Ernest Air Mechanic 1st Class 5719 7th Brigade R.A.F. 10/10/1918 Aged 20. Born Leeds 1898 Baptised 08/06/1898 Leeds Christchurch. Son of Thomas Henry and Ada Ackerman Married 1891 Leeds Registered Building. CWGC 10 Princess Field Place Holbeck. Laid to Rest Etaples Military Cemetery France.

HOWARD  George Stanley Second Lieutenant 21/05/1918 Aged 18. Born Holbeck 25/08/1899 Baptised 17/09/1899 St Luke Holbeck.Son of Herbert Stanley and Jane Hannah Brown Married 1894. CWGC 68 Cross Flatts Grove Beeston. Laid to Rest Beeston Cemetery Leeds.

LAPISH Marion Member 4595 No.2 Aeroplane Repair Depot Women's Royal Air Force 03/11/1918 Aged 20. Born Leeds 1898. Daughter of John and Laura Hannis Married Cheltenham 1895. CWGC 81 St. Marks Road Woodhaouse. Laid to Rest 08/11/1918 St Marks Church Woodhouse.

LEALAND Horace Air Mechanic 2nd Class 247990 Air Station Felixstowe 14/06/1918 Aged 18.  Born Holbeck 1900. Son of David and Rose Ann Billinger Married 1894 Horncastle. CWGC 59 Harold Grove Cardigan Road. Laid to Rest  Leeds General Cemetery Remembered Lawnswood Cemetery Leeds.

LINLEY Edward Air Mechanic 3rd Class 197854 115th Sqaudron 08/11/1918 Aged 20. Born Hunslet 1898 Vol 9b Page 271.  Son of Edward and Elizabeth Ellen Hale Married 27/11/1886 St Jude Hunslet Potteryfield. Laid to Rest Charmes Military Cemetery Essegney France.

LUPTON Charles Roger Captain 205th Squadron Royal Air Force KIA near Amiens 09/05/1918 Aged 19 AWARD Distinguished Service Cross and Bar.  Born Leeds 27/07/1898. Son of Charles Lupton D. L. O.B.E. and Katharine Ashton Married Stockport 1888. In Royal Naval Air Service and learned to Fly in a Maurice Farman Biplane at the Royal Naval Air Station Eastbourne 14/09/1916. Earned his wings 07/03/1917. AWARDED D.S.C 20/12/1917 For Conspicuous gallentry and devotion to duty in a bombing raid on Thourout Railway Station and Varsennarre Aerodrome 25/10/1917, and earned a Bar to his D.S.C in March 1918 for Skill in leading Bombing Formations

Great Uncle of Kate Middleton Husband of William Windsor heir to the Throne son of Princess Diana.

Charles in his Royal Naval Air Service Uniform


Laid to Rest Vignacourt British Cemetery Somme France.

MARSDEN Thomas Air Mechanic 1st Class 45905 DIED Leeds 09/03/1919 Vol 9b Page 850. Aged 29. Born Leeds 1890. Son of Edward Wilby and Sarah Ann Middleton Married 1885 St Mathias Burley. 1911 Residence 30 Kendal Place. Laid to Rest Leeds General Cemetery Remembered Lawnswood Cemetery Leeds.

McLAUGHLAN Francis Yates Serjeant 21967 27th Sqaudron Mechanic 23/05/1918 Aged 20. Born Leeds 1899. Son of Duncan and Barbara Ellen. 1901 Residence Headingley. Laid to Rest Pernes British Cemetery France.

McMILLAN Charles McWhirter Lieutenant 70th Sqaudron 27/06/1918 Aged 19. Born Leeds 1898 Vol 9b Page 476. Son of Duncan Davie and Annie M. CWGC Sydney House Woodbine Place Leeds. A Student at Leeds University.

 Remembered Arras Flying Services Memorial France.

MORISOLI Edwin Aircraftman 2nd Class 284478 51st Wing 23/02/1919 Aged 34. Born  Wakefield 1884. Son of Bernardo and Margaret Harrison Married Leeds 1878. Laid to Rest Charleroi Communal Cemetery Belgium.

OUGHTIBRIDGE Robert Flight Cadet 51st Training Depot Station 11/08/1918 Aged 18. Born Leeds 1900. Son of Robert and Carrie CWGC 5 Verdun Street Hyde Park Road Remembered Lawnswood Cemetery Leeds.

ROBERTS Leonard Langfield Private 2nd Class 304676 Blandford Instructional School 22/10/1918 Aged 31.Born Huddersfield 1887. Son of Fred and Margaret CWGC 13 Colwyn View Dewsbury Road. Laid to Rest Blandford Cemetery Dorset.

SELBY William Aircraftman 147028 16th Balloon Base Henfeld DIED 05/11/1919 Aged 25. Born Leeds 1894. Son of Wlliam and Mary A Slkstone Marred 1888  St Peter Leeds Husband of Florrence Priscilla Townend Married 24/08/1918  St Stephen Burmantofts. CWGC 13 East Grove Street Burmantofts, Laid to Rest Harehlls  Cemetery.

STEVENS W T Air Mechanic 3rd Class 32nd Training Wing 30/11/1918 Aged 33. Husband of F A CWGC 59 Garnet Place Dewsbury Road. Laid to Rest Suez War Memorial Cemetery Egypt.

THRELFALL Thomas Air Mechanic 2nd Class 141395 Aircraft Constructional Squadron 05/11/1918 Aged 24. Born Leeds 1895. Son of Thomas and Margaret Ann CWGC 19 Derwent Avenue Holbeck. Laid to Rest Holbeck Cemetery Leeds.

TOWNSLEY Herbert Alan Second Lieutenant 7th Sqaudron 14/10/1918 Aged 26. Born Leeds 1892. Son of Richard Herbert and Minnie Newill Married 1888 All Souls Leeds. CWGC 4 Woodbine Terrace Headingley. Enlisted Royal Army Medical Corps Lance Corporal 36825. Landed France 31/07/1915. Commissioned 26/09/1917.

Laid to Rest Dadizeele New British Cemetery Belgium.

WALKER Robert Air Mechanic 1st Class 4950 5th Sqaudron 2nd Brigade 10/09/1918 Aged 20. Born Eldest son of John William and Maggie Lowrey Maried 1896 Leeds Registered Building. CWGC/1911 6 Burchett Grove Delph Lane Occupation Telegraph Messenger. Laid to Rest Terlincthun British Cemetery Wimille France.

WHITE William Harold Serjeant P/46759 103rd Squadron KIA 25/10/1918 Aged 20. Born Leeds 1898. Son of Sidney William and Elizabeth Thomas Married Gloucester 1885. CWGC 15 Broomfield Crescent Headingley. Enlisted 4675 3rd Bn Yorkshire Regiment. Laid to Rest Cambrin Military Cemetery France.

WILSON Norman Second Lieutenant 43rd Squadron 18/10/1918 Aged 19. Born Bramley 1899. Son of George Palliser and Mary Elizabeth Whitham Married York 1882. CWGC 276 Blenheim Terrace Bramley. Laid to Rest Colougne Southern Cemetery Germany.