City of Leeds United in WW1

Remembering those from Leeds who gave their lives in world war one.



The following section remembers the 52 men from Leeds who gave their lives whilst serving in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve in World War One


BURWELL James Herbert Petty Officer London Z/78 Nelson Bn Died 17/06/1915 Aged 23. Born Leeds November 1891. Son of John James and Annie Louisa Heworth Married 1889 Leeds Registered Building. CWGC 24 Sholebroke Mount Harehills. Enlisted 02/09/1914. Reported Gun Shot Wounds Abdomen 16/06/1915 sent to 11th Casualty Clearing Station.

Laid to Rest Lancashire Landing Cemetery Cape Helles Gallipoli Turkey.

BUTTON George Eyre Able Seaman KP/779 (Served as George Eyre) Anson Bn KIA 04/06/1915 Aged 20.Born Leeds 02/12/1893. Son of George Died 1902 Aged 30 and Henrietta Eyre Married 1896 Hunslet District Registered Building. Henrietta remarried to Richard W Musgrave 1907 at Hunslet District Registered Building and was residing after 22/10/1915 at St Joseph's Retreat Dearborn Michigan USA. Enlisted 05/09/1914 into the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 12922. Residence 59 Derby Crescent Dewsbury Road Occupation Miner. Transferred to the RNVR at Crystal Palace 10/09/1914. Able Seaman KP/720 Frank Collins reported seeing George as he returned to the trenches. He said "George was lying between the Turkish & our own trenches shot through the right leg, below the knee. He was badly wounded.  Remembered on Helles Memorial Gallipoli Turkey.

DIBNAH Harry Able Seaman KW/134 Hood Bn 29/05/1915 Aged 20. Born Leeds 11/09/1895. Son of Elizabeth Enlisted into the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 12467 Residence 8 Sheepscar Terrace Occupation Leather Tanner. Transferred to the RNVR 07/09/1914. Gun Shot Wounds Abdomen 27/05/1915 sent to 11th Casualty Clearing Station. 

Laid to Rest Lancashire Landing Cemetery Cape Helles Gallipoli Turkey.

HARKER Herbert John Able Seaman KP/436 Hood Bn KIA 09/05/1915 Aged 19. Born Leeds 23/11/1895. Son of James and Elizabeth. Enlisted 03/09/1914 into the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry transferred 10/09/1914 to RNVR at Crystal Palace. Residence 7 Williamson Terrace Hunslet Occupation Apprentice Fitter. 

Remembered on Helles Memorial Gallipoli Turkey. 

HOBSON Leonard Able Seaman KP/633 Hood Bn Died 14/05/1915 Aged 20. Born Leeds 04/08/1894. Son of Samuel and Mary Alice Barker Married 1873 St Matthew Holbeck. Enlisted 03/09/1914 into the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 12464. Residence 7 Glow Place Holbeck Occupation Painter. Transferred to the RNVR 07/09/1914. Gun Shot Wounds back 15th General Hospital Alexandria  06/05/1915. 

Laid to Rest Alexandria Chatby Military and War Memorial Cemetery Egypt. 

PARKER Albert Able Seaman KW/771 Drake Bn KIA 16/07/1915 Aged 27. Born Hunslet 11/12/1888 Vol 9b Page 257. Son of George and Jane Enlisted 02/09/1914 into King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry transferred into Navy 07/09/1914. Residence 20 Bridgewater Place South Acomb Road Hunslet Occupation a fireman at the Wheldale Coal Company Castleford. Royal Navy record states "Formerly served 1 year 8 months as Stoker RN, & 3 years 8 months in the Merchant service, Annand Line. States he was invalided from the service for bad teeth when aged 20. Teeth, though not good, come up to present standard for the RND. 1914 Star issued to father 08/07/1919 V.B. issued to Father" CWGC 17 Windsor Terrace Hunslet Reported to have been "Buried in communication trench leading from E11 to E12b". Remembered on Helles Memorial Gallipoli Turkey.

PARKER George Trimmer 85TS HM Trawler Jasper Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve 26/08/1915 Aged 25. Born 29/05/1883 Hunslet. Son of Walter and Sarah Cliff Married 1876 St Peter with St Cuthbert Hunslet Moor CWGC 23 Weldon Street Beeston Road Hunslet. HM Trawler Jasper was a minesweeper hit by a mine at 09:35 laid by the German Minelayer Meteor in the Moray Forth Captained by Lt William St Clair Fleming.


 Remembered Chatham Naval Memorial.

RUSSELL William Henry Able Seaman Kitchener W/531 B Company Drake Bn KIA 04/12/1915 Aged 20. Born 10/07/1895. Son of John Thomas and Isabella Joynt Died Married 1894 St Alban the Martyr Leeds Naval Record 22 Ledsham Road Gordon Road Hunslet. John Thomas Remarried to Agnes Duffy 1910 Hunslet District Registered Building.  1911 22 Milner Terrace Off Carris Street Hunslet Locomotive Engineer Apprentice Enlisted 05/09/1914 Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry Private 12794 transferred 07/09/1914. Laid to Rest Redoubt Cemetery Helles Turkey. 

STANLEY James Henry Plews Able Seaman KP/218 Anson Bn KIA 27/12/1915 Aged 36. Born 15/09/1878 Leeds. Son of James and Mary Ann Jane. Husband of Lily Maud Smith Married 1899 Barnsley Naval Record 39 Commercial Street Barnsley. Enlisted 31/08/1914 York and Lancaster Regiment Private 13963 transferred Crystal Palace 10/09/1914 Self Employed Hairdresser. Laid to Rest Redoubt Cemetery Helles Turkey. 

WALKER William Edward Able Seaman KP/428 Drake Bn 14/07/1915 Aged 20. Born 30/11/1894 Leeds. Son of Edward and Alice Baldwinson Married 1879 St Matthew Holbeck CWGC 33 Derby Terrace Dewsbury Road Fitters Apprentice. Enlisted 06/09/1914 King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 13313 Private transferred Crystal Palace 10/09/1914.  Remembered Helles Memorial Gallipoli Turkey.

WATERS Joseph Able Seaman Kitchener P/392 Drake Bn KIA 08/05/1915 Aged 33. Born 01/01/1882 Leeds. Son of William and Mary Handley Jackson Married 1871 Holbeck District Registered Building 1911 50 Bewerley Street Hunslet. Husband of Cressy Grindrod Married 1912 St Matthew Little London Leeds, Naval Record 2 Heald Street Beeston Road Leeds later of 4 Marion Mount Woodhouse. Enlisted  05/09/1914 King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry Transferred Crystal Palace 10/09/1914. 


Remembered on Helles Memorial Gallipoli Turkey.

WEBSTER Lawrence Able Seaman KP/435 Drake Bn KIA 08/05/1915 Aged 19. Born 06/09/1895 Leeds. Son of Joseph H and Ada Craighill Married 1889 St Matthew Holbeck Naval Record/CWGC 11 Williamson Terrace Dewsbury Road Painter. Enlisted 04/09/1914 King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 12453 Private Transferred Crystal Palace 10/09/1914.  Naval Record States Buried Rear of Trench In of Front Eski Lines Gallipoli.

 Remembered on Helles Memorial Gallipoli Turkey.

WINN Herbert Ordinary Seaman 5740/A HM Paddle Mine Sweeper Devonia 15/12/1915 Aged 24. Born 06/01/1891 Leeds. Son of William and Beatrice Catley Married 1891 Burley St Matthias CWGC 39 Macynell Street Kirkstall Road. 1911 in Royal Navy. Laid to Rest Grimsby Scartho Road Cemetery.


CLATWORTHY Joseph Henry Engineman 2529 ES HM Drifter Lily Reaich KIA 25/02/1916 Aged 26. Born Leeds 24/08/1889. Son of George Henry and Jane Wilson married 1887 St Andrew Leeds. Husband of Edith Keeling Married 1911 St Mathias Burley Naval Record 27 Lilian Street Wolsely Road. CWGC 229 Kirkstall Road Burley. Edith remarried in 1923 to Frank Brown at Leeds Registered Building. KIA off Durazzo Italy 10 men were lost. 

Remembered Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

FOSTER Fred Ordinary Seaman Tyneside Z/9711 4th Reserve Bn DIED 17/07/1916 Aged 22. Son of Edward and Anne Elizabeth Fred Never saw service. Sent to RN Hospital Portland Died from Pulmonary Tubercle. Laid to Rest Holbeck Cemetery Leeds.

HOWELL Thomas Henry Leading Seaman KP/434 Drake Bn KIA 13/11/1916 Aged 23. Born 26/03/1893 North Tunstall. Son of Arthur and Mary. Husband of Sarah Harriet Gallagher Married 1913 Leeds Registered Building Naval Record 23 Bertha Mount Richmond Hill. Enlisted 05/09/1914 York & Lancaster Regiment Transferred 10/09/1914 at Crystal Palace. Laid to Rest Ancre British Cemetery Beaumont-Hamel France.

PLACE Alfred Petty Officer DEV/J3080 2nd Drake Bn Killed by explosion of Hand Grenade Blandford 16/06/1916 Aged 31. Born Hunslet 1885. Son of William and Rhoda Lumb Married Hunslet 1874. Husband of Beatrice Annie Batty Married Hunslet 1910. Residence 1911 12 Brompton Row Hunslet. Occupation Joiner. Enlisted 19/09/1916. Mentioned in London Gazette 01/01/1918 Page 143: "During grenade practice at Blandford, a live bomb thrown by one of the men under instruction, fell back into the trench. Petty Officer Place rushed forward, pulled back two men who were in front of him & attempted to reach the grenade, with the intention of throwing it over the parapet. Unfortunately, the bomb exploded & inflicted fatal injuries on him. By his coolness & self-sacrifice, he probably saved the lives of three other men."  Awarded Albert Medal.

Laid to Rest Hunslet Cemetery Leeds.

SCANLON James Vincent Able Seaman Tyneside Z/7530 Nelson Bn Died of Disease 22/12/1916 Aged 27. Born 28/12/1889 Hunslet.  Naval Record states the following 28 Hazelhead Street Accommodation Road Hunslet and later at 28 Ford Street Hunslet. Enlisted 25/09/1915. Self-Inflicted Bullett Wound 4th Toe left foot a Field General Court Martial 04/08/1916 was Found Not Guilty. On the 08/06/1916 James Family informed man was a Deserter from King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. Laid to Rest alongside 3 Men from WW1 and 3 men from WW2 Le Crotoy Communal Cemetery Somme France.

VARLEY Frederick Victor Lieutenant HM Trawler Benton Castle 10/11/1916 Aged 42. Born 10/10/1875 Leeds. Son of George and Hannah Maria Fozzard Married 1860 St Peter Leeds. CWGC Woodhouse Street Leeds. Husband of Jessie Marshall Gorrie Married 1909 Toxteth Liverpool. CWGC 99 Ampthill Road Aigburth Liverpool.

 Laid to Rest Liverpool Anfield Cemetery.

WADDINGTON Henry Able Seaman Tyneside Z/8970 Lewis Gunner Howe Bn DOW 13/11/1916 Aged 21. Born 30/12/1894 Armley. Son of Henry and Sarah Ann Hutchinson Married 1887 St Peter Leeds Naval Record 20 East Street. Enlisted 20/12/1915 Aged 20 Residence 25 Congress Street Whingate Armley Clerk.  Remembered Thiepval Memorial Somme France.

WINTER Harry Able Seaman KP/482 D Company Drake Bn KIA 13/11/1916 Aged 23. Born 28/02/1893 Armley. Son of Arthur Lindhill and Lavinia Winter Married 1899 St Barnabas Holbeck Naval Record 59 Water Lane Leeds, later of 5 Kingston Place Sweet Street Holbeck. (Served under Mothers Maiden Name) Enlisted 07/09/1914 Private 13332 King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry Transferred 10/09/1914 at Crystal Palace Occupation Capstan Man ?.  Remembered Thiepval Memorial Somme France.

WOODHOUSE Archibald Bradley Able Seaman London Z/1198 Hawke Bn KIA 13/11/1916 Aged 20. Born 28/11/1896 Lambeth London Son of William Bradley and Nora Fanny Brown Married St Giles London Naval Record Greenhow Moortown. Enlisted 04/01/1915 Residence Moortown Engineering Student After serving three years in Officer Training Corps. Naval Record States (Buried on the 15th day near Q.17.b.4.4. in the German 2nd Line) Remembered Thiepval Memorial Somme France.

WORMALD Frederick Able Seaman Kitchener KW/154 Anson Bn KIA 13/11/1916 Aged 21. Born 23/10/1894 Leeds. Son of Harry and Maria Holling Married 1889 St Mary the Virgin Hunslet Naval Record 7 Clovelly Place Ladypit Lane. Enlisted 02/09/1914 15300 Private King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. Laid to Rest Ancre British Cemetery Beaumont-Hamel France. 



BARRETT  (Barratt) Charles Able Seaman R/521 Nelson Bn KIA 28/10/1917 Aged 31. Born Leeds 07/10/1885. Son of John Abraham and Anni Elizabeth Hampshire  Husband of Eliza A Singleton Married 1912 Holy Spirit Beeston Hill. (Naval Record) 20 Clevedon Road Gloucester Occupation Lithographic Printer. Remembered Tyne Cot Memorial Belgium.

CARVER Thomas Able Seaman TZ/8561 Anson Bn DOW 18/02/1917 Aged 27. Born 22/11/1893. Son of Andrew and Angelina Hallas Married 1889 St John the Evangelist Wortley. Husband of Lizzie Leak Married 1915 St Matthew, Little London Naval Record 9 Benson Street off North Street. Enlisted 15/11/1915. DOW in 1/1st South Midland Casualty Clearing Station Multiple Gun Shot Wounds received 17/02/1917. 


 Laid to Rest Dernancourt Communal Cemetery Extension Somme France.

DAILEY Thomas TYNESIDE Z/8209 Drake Bn KIA 26/02/1917 Aged 29. Born 02/10/1887. Son of Hugh and Mary Rowley Husband of Mary Jane Coleman Married 1911/Naval Record 48 Templeview Road York Road Coal Dealer CWGC 100 Ascot Terrace Pontefract Lane Hunslet. War Diary States KIA 25/02/1917 6pm Enemy artillery Normal 4 casualties, 4 Killed. Laid to Rest Queens Cemetery Bucquoy France.

GREEN George Able Seaman Tyneside Z/8418 Howe Bn KIA 30/12/1917 Aged 23. Born 30/05/1894 Son of Frederick Richard Married Alice 1903. Naval Record 12 Carey Street Jack Lane Hunslet. 1911 13 Hillidge Terrace Hunslet Office Boy. Remembered Thiepval Memorial Somme France.

MORAN Patrick Able Seaman Tyneside Z/7392 Drake Bn KIA 23/04/1917 Aged 32. Born 23/08/1885 Mayo Ireland. Son of Michael Husband of Kate McHale Married 1905 Leeds Registered Building Naval Record States 12 Wellhouse Yard Richmond Road later of 8 Upper Wriggleworth Bank Leeds. Kate remarried to Joseph Morris in 1922. Residence 1911 22 Glew Place Holbeck Floer Hawker Enlisted 10/09/1915.  Remembered on Arras Memorial France.

RICHARDSON Guy Bernard Able Seaman London Z/1329 Hawke Bn KIA 04/02/1917 Aged 33. Born 04/06/1883 Leeds. Son of Charles and Louisa Agnes Hall Married 1870 Blackburn. 1911/Naval Record 5 Wintons Street West Leeds. Naval Record States Buried by the Reveran G.W. Stainby C.F. 2/4th Bn. York & Lancashire Regiment 14/12/1920 Informed by Director of Graves Registration & Enquiries. Provisionally Reported Buried Serre 57d.R.2.d.  Remembered Thiepval Memorial Somme France.

RUSHWORTH James Able Seaman Tyneside Z/9028 Hood Bn DOW 25/01/1917Aged 19. Born 29/03/1897. Son of Walter. Naval Record 22 Bread Street York Road. Enlisted Leeds 28/12/1915. DOW 2nd Royal Navy Field Ambulance Gun Shot Wound Right Side of Back and Left Hand. Buried Mesnil Dressing Station Cemetery Exhumed after war and Laid to Rest Mesnil Communal Cemetery Extension Somme France.

TAYLOR Frederick Charles Able Seaman Tyneside Z/9716 Hood Bn KIA 04/02/1917 Aged 29. Born 11/06/1887. Son of Husband of Eva C Nichols Married 1913 St John The Baptist New Wortley Naval Record 1 Beechwood Walk Burley Occupation Printer. Enlisted 04/12/1915.  Remembered Thiepval Memorial Somme France.

WHITTAKER Joseph Able Seaman Kitchener P/125 Anson Bn KIA 26/10/1917 Aged 26. Born 24/06/1891 Methley. Son of William and Elizabeth  Enlisted 06/09/1914 King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry Private 13229 Transferred RNVR at Crystal Palace 10/09/1914  Naval Record 10 Endon Street Hunslet Road Occupation Aprentice To Brass Moulding. Remembered Tyne Cot Memorial Belgium.

WHITWORTH Fred Able Seaman Tyneside 2/7681 Drake Bn KIA 01/11/1917 Aged 25. Born 06/11/1892. Son of William and Martha Whitehead Married 1883 Dewsbury. Husband of Annie Elizabeth Merritt Married 1917 St Peter Bramley CWGC 29 Harrow Street Armley. 1911 33 Conference Place Armley. Naval Record States the following The report of this man's death was notified very late 27/11/1917. He is the only RND Rating buried in the Divisional Collecting Post Cemetery Extension Boesinghe. This being his original burial site as reported in January 1918. There are no casualties noted in the Drake Bn War Diary 31/10/1917-2/11/1917. It seems most likely that he was wounded/killed with the two stretcher parties supplied for 190th Brigade Operations 29-30/10/1917 & his death was overlooked till much later in November 1917. Brother William Private 40292 9th Bn West Yorkshire Regiment KIA 25/09/1917 Aged 29. Laid to Rest Divisional Collecting Post Cemetery and Extension Boesinghe Belgium. Remembered Armley War Memorial.







BENNETT Arthur Died at Home 16/11/1918 Aged 18.

BRIGHAM Norman Able Seaman R/1661 Hood Bn KIA 04/09/1918 Aged 26. Born 29/06/1892. Son of Elgey and Hannah Brewer Married 1888 Hunslet District Registered Building. 1911/CWGC 159 Spencer Place Chapletown Clerk in Textile Printers.


Laid to Rest Queant Road Cemetery Buissy France.

CHADWICK James Able Seaman Higher Grade Tyneside Z/7519 Drake Bn KIA 03/09/1918 Aged 42. Born 12/10/1875. Son of Husband of Honnor Bradley Married 1914 All Saints Leeds. Naval Record 34 Providence Street Bank Leeds. Later 5 Ainsley Terrace York Road Collier. Enlisted 25/08/1914 Leeds 8th Duke of Wellington's Regiment 15024 Private Discharged 16/01/1915 Not likely to become an efficient soldier. Enlisted in RNVR 21/09/1915. Twice Deserted and Returned to base.


Laid to Rest Honourable Artillery Company Cemetery Ecoust-St Mein France. 

COOKSON Alfred Owen Lieutenant A Company Hawke Bn KIA 08/10/1918 Aged 24. Born 1894 Wakefield Son of Albert and Kate Maude Smithson Married 1891 Tyneside. Naval Record Denholme Denton Avenue Roundhay. Remembered Vis-En-Artois Memorial France.

COOPER George Henry Able Seaman Tyneside Z/5718 Drake Bn KIA 02/09/1918 Aged 22. Born 18/12/1896. Son of Elizabeth Naval Record 1 Wheldon Street Sheffield later at 15 Wardall Street Cleethorpes Grimsby Finally 163 Water Lane Holbeck. Laid to Rest Queant Road Cemetery Buissy France.

FENTON Samuel W Able Seaman KW/884X Collingwood Bn DIED 10/12/1918 Aged 28. Born 30/11/1890 Leeds. Son of Samuel and Mary. Husband of Ivy Dawson Married 1917 Leeds Registered Building Remarried 1925 to Arthur Turner. Naval Record 20 Wolseley Grove Kirkstall Road. Later at Pogson's Row The Green Seacroft. Enlisted 03/09/1914 Leeds Private King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry Transferred to RNVR 08/09/1914. Interned in Holland 09/10/1914. Repatriated 19/11/1918 to Leave, Found drowned near Whitehall Bridge Leeds & Liverpool Canal Holbeck. Laid to Rest Leeds General Cemetery Woodhouse Lane. Remembered Lawnswood Cemetery Leeds.

GALLOWAY George Alfred Deck Hand His Majesties Motor Launch No 247 Drowned ? 29/09/1918 Aged 31. Born 26/02/1887 Leeds. Son of Samuel and Mary of Armley. Naval Record Killed or died by means other than disease accident or enemy action ? Body Not Recovered For Burial. Motor Launches were used to Attack Ostend and Zeebrugge around this time. 


Remembered Chatham Naval Memorial.

HAIGH George Able Seaman R/1777 Hood Bn KIA at Le Barque-Thilloy when reported DOW 26/08/1918 Aged 21.Born Wigton nr Shadwell 16/10/1896. Son of Arthur and Sarah Ellen Grundy Married St John Moor Allerton 1884. 1911 Residence Sawwood House Thorner Occupation Working In Farm Dairy. Army reserve 09/12/1915 Landed France 15/06/1917 Gassed invalided back to England 20/03/1918. Rejoined Bn 23/08/1918. CWGC Rose Villa Slade Hill Moortown. Remembered on Vis-En-Artois Memorial France. (Moor Allerton)

MORTLOCK Percy William Acting Able Seaman Higher Grade R3822 Hood Bn KIA 21/08/1918 Aged 25. Born 04/12/1893 Shimpling. Son of Hezekiah and Sarah Elizabeth Hammond Married 1891 CWGC Bunkers Hill Shimpling Bury St Edmunds Suffolk. Husband of Amelia Agnes Jarmin Married 1915 St Mary the Virgin Hunslet. Daughter Mabel Agnes Born Hunslet 1915. Naval Record 8 Sandon Mount Hunslet Carr. Remembered on Vis-en-Artois Memorial France.

PAGE Hubert Able Seaman R/6040 C Company 12th Platoon Howe Bn KIA 23/03/1918 Aged 36. Born 18/04/1881 St Lukes Leeds. Son of James and Rachel. Husband of Mary Ethel Wilford Married 1907 St Peter with St Cuthbert Hunslet Moor CWGC 45 Headingley Avenue Headingley. Remembered Arras Memorial France.

SHERRARD Robert Able Seaman R/3524 Drake Bn DOW 07/01/1918 Aged 35. Born 07/04/1882 Leeds. Son of Robert and Rose L Married 1882 Hunslet District Registered Building 1911 49 Telford Terrace Hunslet. Husband of Lily Palfrey Married 1915 Hunslet District Registered Building CWGC 16 Askern Grove Hunslet. DOW 48th Casualty Clearing Station Wounded 02/91/1918. Laid to Rest Rocquigny-Equancourt Road British Cemetery Manancourt France.

SMITH William Able Seaman R/3776 1st Royal Marine Bn Attached Howe Bn Died  24/10/1918 Aged 25. Born 01/01/1893. Son of Tom and Emma Cadman Married 1883 Leeds Registered Building. 1911/Naval Record 9 Pasture Crescent Chapel Allerton. Apprentice Plumber. Died whilst POW Fortress Hospital Antwerp. Laid to Rest Schoonselhof Cemetery Wilrijk Antwerp Belgium.

WADDINGTON Arthur Balfour Ordinary Seaman Tyneside Z/10979 SS Treveal Drowned 04/02/1918 Aged 20. Born 22/10/1898 Leeds. Son of Samuel and Annie Eliza Schofield Married 1884 St Luke Sheepscar 1911/CWGC 15 Ashton Place Harehills Road. Sunk by U Boat Hans Rose Anglesey CLICK HERE 


Remembered Chatham Naval Memorial.

WESTON Alfred Able Seaman R/5317 Drake Bn 10/10/1918 Aged 24. Born 26/11/1893. Son of James Henry and Grace. Husband of Margaret Kearney Married 1914 Leeds Registered Building Naval record 6 Mercy Street Leeds. later re-married Charles Williams 26 Wells Street off Lisbon Street. DOW 29th Casualty Clearing Station Gun Shot Wound Left Buttock. Laid to Rest Delsaux Farm Cemetery Beugny France. 

WILSON James Able Seaman R/6468 Anson Bn KIA 27/09/1918 Aged 27. Born 11/06/1891 Morley. Son of Fred and Elizabeth Johnson Married 1883 Leeds Registered Building. Husband of Maude Rhodes Married 1912 Bramley and Holbeck District Registered Building Naval Record 5 Seaforth Grove Harehills Lane. 1911 18 Dawlish Avenue Harehills. Laid to Rest Hermies Hill British Cemetery France.

The Following Men Died After the End of WW1


HILL Tyneside Z/11526 HMS Venerable

STRINGFELLOW Frederick Arthur




HARRISON John R/5310