City of Leeds United in WW1

Remembering those from Leeds who gave their lives in world war one.



The following section remembers the 7 men from Leeds who gave their lives whilst serving in His Majesty's Royal Naval Service in World War One. It also gives details of how the Submarine they served on was lost and a link to other crew members lost.

18th OCTOBER 1914


The first submarine to be lost in WW1. HM Submarine E3 drifted too far into the River Ems off Borkum Island Germany and was sunk by U Boat 27 Commanded by Bernd Wegener. E3 was on the surface when attacked Wegener reported after that he coiuld observe lookouts, E3 sank within minutes. 25 men lost their lives. E3 was found in 1994 Pictures of Wreck.

BEAL William Alexander K/8664 Stoker 1st Class KIA Aged 21.Born 09/02/1892 Ailsworth Peterborough. Son of Alexander  and Ann Mayes Married 1886. Ann Died 1895 Aged 30. Alexander remarried at St Silas Church Hunslet 1899 to Martha Procter. CWGC 11 Branston Terrace Hunslet. 02/04/1911 Residence On Board HMS Jupiter at Portland Weymouth Dorset.


Remembered on Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

                                                                        CREW OF E3

BECKWITH Percy Stoker 1st Class Born 1890 Malden Essex.

BLAKE Charlie Ellman Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class Born 1886 Newport isle of White.

COUTANCHE Stanley Vernon Leading Seaman Born 1888.

DOUGLAS Alfred John Stoker 1st Class Born 1889 St Johns Wood London.

EDROFF Frederick Wallace Petty Officer Born 1885 Hoxton London.

HARRIS Herbert Joseph Petty Officer Born 1887 Peckham London.

HELLON Richard Saunders Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class Born 1879 Glasgow.

HOUSE Alfred Ernest Stoker 1st Class Born 1890 Ringwood Hampshire.

HUNT  Fred Engine Room Artificer 1st Class Born 1877 Bournemouth.

HUNT Albert Edward Able Seaman Born 1888 Twyford Berkshire.

JONES Robert Able Seaman Born 1885 St Pancras London.

LOWMAN William George Able Seaman Born 1894 Southampton.

MACFARLANE George Webster Chief Petty Officer Born 1874 Strathamrine Forfarshire.

MATHESON Neil Chief Stoker Born 1878 Skye Inverness.

MERRITT Percy George Petty Officer Stoker Born 1883 Bishop Waltham Hampshire.

MORGAN Alfred Lowe Signalman Born 1887 Jarrow Tyneside.

QUEROTRET  Peter Able Seaman Born 1884 St Helier Jersey.

SCOTT Edger Stoker 1st Class Born 1889 Malton.

STOTHARD Joseph Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class Born 1887 Sunderland.

TANNER George Henry Leading Stoker Born 1887 Wandsworth London.

TAYLOR George William Leading Seaman Born 1889 Birmingham.

WESTROPE John William Leading Seaman Born 1883 Gosport.

WHITTINGTON Jasse Stoker 1st Class Born 1891 Emswoth Hampshire.

YOUNG William Able Seaman Born 1885 Arreton Newport Isle of Wight.

18th JANUARY 1915


On the 18th January HMS E10 sailed from Harwich for operations NNW of Heligoland. No further contact was made with the submarine after parting company with HMS E5 at 19.50 hrs on the evening of the 18th. Recent research has shown that E10 was destroyed by an enemy mine. 31 men lost their lives.

BLACKBURN Layton Leading Seaman 217575 21/01/1915 Aged 30. Born Leeds 27/10/1884 Vol 9b Page 520. Son of Thomas William and Emma Cox Married 1878 St George Church Leeds. Emma died 1882 Thomas William remarried in 1895 to Susannah Schofield at St George Church Leeds. 1911 Residence Newcastle Upon Tyne Occupation Royal Navy Leading Seaman Executive.


Remembered on Chatham Naval Memorial. St Michaels Buslingthorpe.


AYLING Frank Stuart Able Seaman Born Portsea 1890.


BARBY Alexander Henry Able Seaman Born Wicken Northampton 1889.


BATHARD Alfred William Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class Born Trowbridge 1880.


BLACKBURN Layton Leading Seaman Born Leeds 1884.


BRIGGS Henry Sydney Able Seaman Born Woolwich 1886.


COLLINS Charles Frederick Able Seaman Born Southampton 1886.


CROSS Frederick James Acting Leading Stoker Born Highgate London 1885.


DRISCOLL Henry Able Seaman Born Lambeth London 1891.


DYER  Arthur E Petty Officer Born Alverstoke Gosport 1881.


FALCONER  Percy Albert Gorden Lieutenant Born


FRASER  William St John Lieutenant Commander Born Edinburgh 1883. Son of Sir Thomas Richard Fraser.


GRAY Edward William Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class Born Devonport 1884.


HANNEN Frederick Stoker 1st Class Born Marylebone London 1889. 


HANSON Robert Engine Room Artificer Born Sunderland 1878.


HAYLER  William Middleton Signalman Born Haywards Heath Sussex 1893. 


HOPKINSON Ernest Stoker 1st Class Born Rotherham 1885.


IRISH  Cranston John Able Seaman Born Westhampnet 1886.


KEENE Alfred Stoker 1st Class Born Northwich 1888.


LAMPARD Ernest William Stoker 1st Class Born Marlow 1894.


LAWRENCE Percy Herbert Stoker 1st Class Born Waltham 1890.


MCBAIN  William Stoker 1st Class Born Aberdeen 1892. 


PAGE William Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class Born Dumfirmline 1882. 


PHILLIPS Charles Chief Stoker Born Norfolk 1875.


ROWAN Charles Chief Stoker Born Kilballyowen County Clare Ireland 1879.


THOMPSON  Richard Petty Officer Born Portsea 1881.


UPTON  Edward Ernest Llewelyn Leading Seaman Born Hastings 1886.


WALKER Percy Leading Stoker Born Northampton 1886.


WELLER Sydney Herbert Stoker 1st Class Born


WHITAKER Trevor Lieutenant Born  CWGC "He was promoted to the above vessel for his gallant conduct when serving in H.M. S/M "C12," which ran aground and caught fire in December, 1914."


WHITE Philip William Leading Telegraphist Born


WRIGHT Albert Edward Chief Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class Born

11th SEPTEMBER 1916 


OXLEY Gilbert Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 271718 Drowned 11/09/1916 Aged 35. Born Elsecar Near Barnsley 21/01/1882 Vol 9c Page 223. Son of George and Alethea Hoyland Married 1881 Vol 9c Page 647. Husband of Grace Annie CWGC 3 Francis Grove Beeston Hill. Mentioned in Despatches. Mentioned in Dispatches 01/01/1917.


Remembered on Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

03rd JANUARY 1918


Lost in the North Sea Reason unknown. 28 men were lost.

SIMPSON Frank Able Seaman J/31130 Drowned Aged 21. Born Leeds 26/10/1896. Son of Thomas and Mary Ann Sidebottom Married 1896 Christ Church Upper Armley. 1911/CWGC/Navy Record 62 Quadrant Street Kirkstall Road Occupation Pawn Brokers Assistant.  Remembered on Portsmouth Naval Memorial.


BELCHAM William Albert BornTwickenham 1895.

BONES William Charles Born Wormingford 1895.

BROWN Henry Samuel Born Spilsby 1891.

CHICK William Henry Born Walton 1890.

DARTON Joseph Henry Born keyham 1893.

DEWSBURY Percy William Born Benares India 1894.

GOLDSMITH William Charles Born Sevenoakes 1884.

HARRIS Thomas George Born Walthemstow 1894.

HARRIS Alfred Sydney Born Bromley 1896.

JACOBS Thomas Pollard Born Bromley-by-Bow 1891.

KENDALL William D.S.M Born Chelsea 1893.

KNAPP Henry John Born Rotherhithe London 1900.

LOWE Henry Born Glasgow 1897.

McCARTNEY Daniel Born Belfast 1890.

NEATE George Born Cripplegate London 1894.

ORCHARD Arthur Percy Born Ryde Isle of White 1893.

ROOK William George Born Hanover Square London 1892.

SADLER Richard Hugh Whietler Born Lynn Norfolk 1887.

SHAW Arthur James Born Bromley-by-Bow 1892.

SHORT John Born Barnstaple 1896.

SIMPSON Frank Born Leeds 1896.

STENNETT Joseph Henry Born Sleaford 1895.

SUTTON Edward Frederick Cowley D.S.M Born Bow London 1882.

UINGS James Arthur Born Valetta Malta 1890.

WATTS Henry Born Bridgend Wales 1889.

WHINCHCOMB Frederick John Born Winchester 1893.

WISE William John Born Henley-On-Thames 1894.

YOUNG Charles William Born Frome 1889.

                                                                     19th JANUARY 1918

HM Submarine H10.

Lost in North Sea Unknown why was lost. A total of    men gave theeir lives.

IVES Derrick Sub Lieutenant Drowned North Sea 19/01/1918 Aged 21. Born Leeds December 1896. Son of Alfred Edward and Beatrice Caroline Hill Married St Martin Potter Newton December 1888. CWGC Residence Greystones Roundhay. Remembered St Johns Roundhay. Brother Kenneth Hill Ives also Remembered St Johns Roundhay.

Remembered Chatham Naval Memorial. 


ALLEN George Henry Stoker 1 Class Born 03/07/1894 Tottenham London.

BAILEY James Edward Stoker Petty Officer Born 24/04/1878 Kensington london.

BLONDEL John William Able Seaman Born 12/08/1894 Lancaster. 

BRANCH Robert Douglas Petty Officer Born 29/09/1892 Croyden.

COLLIER Martin Huntly Lieutenant Born 1892 Oxford.

CROSS William John Able Seaman Born 03/05/1895 Plumpstead.

CRUMMOCK Alfred Geoffrey Lieutenant Born 1892 York. Was in USA at outbreak of war. Came back to England from New York on 21/12/1914. 

DOW James Anderson Chief Engine Room Artificer Born 16/01/1878 Forfar Scotland.

HINKS Harry Leading Stoker Born 20/10/1892 Ryde Isle of White.

HOOPER William James Sheppard Leading Seaman Born 10/02/1887 Brighton.

HOWELL George Andrew Leading Signalman Born 06/03/1894 Wandsworth london.

HUNT Ernest John Gunner Born Rochester Kent.

IVES Derrick Sub Lieutenant Born Leeds.

KEYS Frank Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class Born 18/01/1890 Lewisham London.

LING Alfred Stoker 1st Class Born 19/03/1896 Saxmundham Suffolk.

MURPHY Patrick Stoker 1st Class Born 13/12/1893 Douglas County Cork Ireland. CWGC Brother Daniel was killed in action at the Battle of Coronel on 1st November 1914.

PEARSON Harry Engine Room Artificer Born 04/12/1886 Northallerton.

PLATT David Morten Stoker 1st Class Born 30/12/1895 Liverpool.

ROBERTS John George Hill Telegraphist Born 11/02/1898 Ulverstone.

SARGENT Herbert Bradley Able Seaman Born 14/06/1893 Portsmouth.

SMITH Albert Edward Able Seaman Born 06/04/1896 Kentish Town London.

SPARKS Robert William Able Seaman Born 27/07/1896 Paddington London. 

STRACHAN William Henry Francis Able Seaman Born 28/10/1895 Stockwell London.

SUTTON Stephen Stoker 1st Class Born 18/04/1890 Malling Kent.

WATTERS Albert Petty Officer Born 11/05/1885 Belfast.

WILLIAMS John Able Seaman Born 30/06/1896 Slains Aberdeen.  

                                                                                 28th JANUARY 1918


Left the island of Mudros commanded by Lieutenant Commander Geoffrey Saxton White to go to the Dardanelles in an attempt to locate and sink the Turkish Battleship Goeben which had been damaged by mines and had then run aground in the Dardanelles. Goeben had been refloated by the time E 14 reached the area and ran aground at Kum Kale. E 14 was destroyed by Turkish navy and shore base artillery all lost their lives apart from nine who taken as prisoner of war. CLICK HERE for eye witness accounts. 23 Men lost Their Lives.

CRANNAGE Harry Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M/12239 KIA 28/01/1918 Aged 31. Born Leeds 14/08/1886. Husband of Annie Ripley Married 1909 St Silas Hunslet. CWGC Naval record 9 Alton Terrace Hunslet. 1911 Residence 7 Larchfield Street Hunslet Occupation Iron Turner. Remembered on Chatham Naval Memorial. 


WHITE Geoffrey Saxton Lieutenant Commander 1887 Bromley Kent. VICTORIA CROSS CWGC States: An extract from the "London Gazette," No. 31354, dated 24th May, 1919, records the following:- "For most conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty as Commanding Officer of H.M. Submarine E.14. on the 28th of January, 1918. E.14. left Mudros on the 27th of January, under instructions to force the Narrows and attack the " Goeben," which was reported aground off Nagara Point after being damaged during her sortie from the Dardanelles. The latter vessel was not found and E.14. turned back. At about 8.45 a.m. on the 28th of January a torpedo was fired from E.14. at an enemy ship; 11 seconds after the torpedo left the tube a heavy explosion took place, caused all the lights to go out, and sprang the fore hatch. Leaking badly the boat was blown to 15 feet, and at once a heavy fire came from the forts, but the hull was not hit. E.14. then dived and proceeded on her way out. Soon afterwards the boat became out of control and as the air supply was nearly exhausted, Lieutenant-Commander White decided to run the risk of proceeding on the surface. Heavy fire was immediately opened from both sides, and, after running the gauntlet for half-an-hour, being steered from below, E.14. was so badly damaged that Lieutenant-Commander White turned towards the shore in order to give the crew a chance of being saved. He remained on deck the whole time himself until he was killed by a shell."

ADAMS Percy Richard Stoker 1st Class K/510 Born 08/06/1898 Melbourne Near Derby.

BALL Samuel Henry Stoker 1st Class K/18809 Born 18/06/1894 Dartmouth.

BLISSETT Jack Patrick Murray Lieutenant Born 1897 Boscastle Cornwall. Last seen in the Engine room.

BOND Martin Robert Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class M/4677 Born 30/05/1889 Norwich.

CRANNAGE Harry Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M/12239 Born Leeds.

CROSBIE  Albert Leading Stoker DSM, K/10069 Born 14/10/1891 York.

DREW George Montford Lieutenant (Navigator) Born 1893 Oswastry Shropshire. Killed by a shell same time as Lieutenant Commander White.

EMENEY Stanley Walter Able Seaman J/19244 Born 04/08/1895 Laxfield Suffolk.

FLETCHER William Bernard Leading Stoker DSM, K/2073 Born 02/02/1887 Malton.

KIRWAN Patrick Able Seaman J/11213 Born 18/03/1893 Gorey County Wexford Ireland.

LACCOHEE George Stoker 1st Class J/15990 Born 19/04/1894 Bethnal Green London.

Le BOUTILLIER John Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M/22714 Born 01/02/1888 Jersey.

NEEDHAM Cecil Able Seaman, J/11160 Born 01/04/1893 Nottingham.

NEW Edwin Arthur Able Seaman J/22094 Born 04/05/1895 paddington London.

PINNOCK Harry Stoker 1st Class K/28154 Born 24/09/1894 Westminster London.

PITHER Henry Leading Seaman J/13967 Born 06/01/1894 Egham Surrey.

POLDEN Bertram Henry Stoker 1st Class K/12599 Born 03/09/1893 Winchester.

RANDALL John Benjamin Baldwin Chief Engine Room Artificer 271216 Born 19/05/1879 Egham Surrey.

RICHARDSON Stanley Leading Seaman J/6087 Born 03/12/1893 Newcastle Upon Tyne.

TURNER John Leading Seaman J/17008 Born 10/09/1896 Whitechapel London.

WATERS Frederick George Petty Officer 234980 Born 24/01/1890 High Wycombe.

WHIIE Richard William Able Seaman J/22423 Born 20/12/1896 Kennington London. OF E14

                                                                       20th JULY 1918


Used as a mine layer on the evening of the 20/07/1918 E34 left Harwich to lay mines and never returned, with the loss of .. men Click Here for Crew List. VIDEO OF WRECK.

PULLEYNE Richard Ivor Lieutenant KIA 20/07/1918 Aged 28 Distinguished Service Order. Distinguished Service Cross. Mentioned in Despatches 19/12/1917. Born Headingley 1889 (Christened Pullan) Son of Benjamin Colet and Susanna Dunn Married East Yorkshire 1870. CWGC St. Edwards Stradbroke Road Southwold Suffolk.


 Laid to Rest Noordwijk General Cemetery Holland.



HOLMES John William


AMOORE Charles John Newman Leading Telegraphist J/21492 Born

ELLIS Charles Edward 220405 Born Dover.

WYNNE Hugh Tom Donald Lieutenant


LILLIE William Phillip


ALDRIDGE Newman William Able Seaman J/1558 Aged 25 Born 13/11/1892 Blewbury Berkshire.

ATKINSON George Leading Seaman J.14020 Distinguished Service Medal Aged 24 Born 21/06/1894 Gateshead Son of Margaret 9 New Sandfield Terrace York Road Tadcaster.

BALDWIN Christopher Oliver Stoker 1st Class K/14537Aged 25 Born

EDWARDS Benjamin Cogan

HEALE George

KEMP William George

NORMAN William Thomas

PANKHURST Arthur Richard

RICHENS Percy Baron

SMITH Herbert James

TOFTS Charles James


ALLEN John Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M/15316 Aged 24

BAKER Alfred Edward

BIGNELL William Henry

COOKE Charles Harold

DIXON Charles Russell M.19343 Aged 28 Born 06/12/1889 Ripon.


HANSOM John William

MURRAY Arthur Logan

PAINTING James William Kircaldy

SARGENT James Alfred

SCOTT Frederick Charles


TANNER George Richard DSM