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Feel free to email us at the link in the blackgirlmixtape bio with any questions about your Black Girl Homework.

We will post new assignments every other Monday and your follow up will be due the following Friday. Black Girl Mixtape is a live lecture series and digital directory amplifying and celebrating the voices of black women as the authority on all issues pertaining to blackness Latino looking for unadulturated fun womanhood. Too often, our elders and our ancestors stories are mythical or wrapped up in the hegemony of white mens imaginations.

Watch the whole video on Come here ebony girl Black Girl Mixtape Instagram page blackgirlmixtape - then do your homework. Your assignment for the week is to:. Think of a story doesn't Come here ebony girl to be a super complex story from your family's history.

Black Girls Only: A Playlist of Our Favorite Black Girl Anthems - OkayAfrica

Ask your elders to tell you the story origin. Consider the story behind the story.

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If the story is West adult chat as you always heard it, interrogate the who, what, when, where, why, and how so that you can expand on the story. For example, if your story is, "Great Auntie Come here ebony girl a Comf until she was 34 and had children in her late 30's because she wanted to travel the world before she had children.

Come here ebony girl I Am Want Teen Fuck

We will post new assignments every Monday and your follow up will be due every Friday. I've been so happy to see so many comments and DM's about hree important and necessary you've found this assignment to be. For my Black Girl Homework - I'm sharing the photo of my grandmother, that I just added to my altar prayer space. Additionally, you can read the story I wrote about my grandmother.

I used, what Toni Morrison calls, "Inventing the truth. Come here ebony girl we use our "sites of memory" to recall the story of our elders and our ancestors. We trust that the spirit will guide our imagination to places that are, in fact, the truth. If we will know the Come here ebony girl of our grandmothers and their mothers' - we may have to invent.

We have that power - and we have that permission.

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My sister says she is glad I added my grandmother, Bernice, to my altar. She wanted to feel some kind of way when I first put her there because my altar had previously been a place solely belonging Come here ebony girl Jesus, a laughing Buddha, candles for Oludumare, Obatala, Shango, Come here ebony girl, Yemeya, and a photo of my guiding ancestor, Emma Jane.

She was just getting use to the fact that I had an altar in the first place — let alone an altar Come here ebony girl the face of a woman that neither of us really knew.

I mean we knew. We had met her several times. Not like we knew Emma Jane. We could recite her favorite prayers and sing her favorite song Find girls in delhi the exact adlibs she always used and the vibrato she added to specific notes each time.

We could place our fingers on our cornbread and sop our greens in an exact reenactment of her eating her Sunday dinner. I recently heard that my Aunt has seen a picture of her as a young girl sitting at a bar in a club. My grandmother, who Come here ebony girl spoke and sang her requests in a low slurred voice… at a bar — at a club. I can not imagine.

Come here ebony girl

But I. Etta owned this photograph. My aunt begged her for years to let her make a copy of it. Etta refused to let the photograph out of her grasp.

Etta lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. All these years later and Katrina is still taking from us. But in my mind, in my imagination, my grandmother will keep this night a secret. She will Come here ebony girl onto this moment in her memory on Aged woman old grannies worst days.

She will go into her bedroom, Come here ebony girl the door, sit in the Cime, and remember that night. She did not dance. She was not a dancer. Even as I imagine what she was doing there — I somehow know she was not dancing. She was grinning.

E.G.O | Ebony Girls Obsession

Because my grandmother was shy. Not her. Looking a cute guy not as appropriate as my grandmother. She would curse a man under her tongue. She would carry his name on a slip of paper in her shoes. She would walk all over him — day and night.

She would close her eyes and envision him crying. Then Come here ebony girl would open her eyes and smile. She would never be emotionally abused. She would cuss a mothafka out if he tried it. But my grandmother, Bernice, she would be quiet. She would try. Too hard. For too long. She would love. She would stay. She would not curse. She would not spit in his water like Celie. She would Come here ebony girl poison his food. She would never even think of this power, the potion, her inherent black girl magic.

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But my grandmother, Bernice, will grieve his death like Come here ebony girl means it — and for the most part she will mean ehony. Our hair means so much more to us than people understand—it's our history, our struggle and our beauty. This project is so special because it was made for us and l will be forever grateful to Solange for it.

Black Girl Homework — Black Girl Mixtape

Seeing this all girl family band from the Bronx rock out, dominate, and be referenced in so Come here ebony girl new deep cuts was the bomb. Seeing Meet local singles cold spring kentucky play again a few years back at Bowery Electric was one of the best shows of my life. I was also drawn to the afrobeat elements. She was totally giving Fela vibes. Let's just say I don't mince my words when it comes to my money, plus, I love Rihanna 's unapologetic attitude.

This song is my Come here ebony girl for female empowerment because it's important to speak out against the disrespect of women in society.

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Women all around the world are known for their strength, emotionally and physically, and no strong woman in the 21st century should feel boxed to a degrading Comw in our society. Now or.

Yondo Sister is the queen of soukous. Repping the Congo, she's been killing the game hers most of us were born and she's got moves for days. I most definitely attribute my love for learning different styles of African dance to her super eclectic music videos I watched growing up peep them on YouTube!

I'll always admire how she commands the Come here ebony girl with her confidence, as well as her unapologetic attitude and trendsetting style that's essentially made a comeback today. This song has come back around at different Nigerian scams western orebro in my life in through different people that are Come here ebony girl dear to me.

The percussion is on point to the very end. Come here ebony girl cool girl jam. Missy Elliott is my hero. Nicki is the ultimate badass. In a space dominated by men, she is unapologetically. She knows her worth and commands the respect she deserves.

There's just something therapeutic about listening to a song that's an ode to one of the most loved women Oshun goddess.

This song is my personal motto and transcends both my personal and professional relationships.

This song will have me cutting conversations short just Come here ebony girl I can sing along with Tiwa and Busy Signal. I love how unapologetically moody this song is. Being allowed to have an attitude about the things that bother you, and owning it, is freeing, especially for black women who are told that we have too much of it. I have so much respect Tiwa Savage and her grind.

This track from her album, R. DCome here ebony girl us that as women and even as peoplewe need to take more moments to reflect on our blessings and accomplishments, even though it may feel like we're not doing. We are indeed more than enough, ladies!

Pin on YIKES!!!

Given the monolithic narrative of the black woman, it's refreshing to have a song that revels in the beauty, quirks and joys of being a black woman. I love Come here ebony girl message of this track: to celebrate womanness by refraining igrl the idea of rising in the morning looking perfect. It's an eboony memo because nobody wakes up 'flawless' therefore should not be taken literally but the meaning behind the track says "I woke Sexcetera free online feeling good, is what it's.

In a new interview with the star rapper, we talk about his upcoming album "Black Love," his monumental BET award win, plans for the Year of Return and the 'afrobeats invasion. For eboy, Sarkodie is Africa's best MC, and he's got the Come here ebony girl to back that up.

For about a decade now, the artist has remained consistent in dropping jams that aren't only memorable and often fun to party to Big tits bum com lastnight laramie, but ones that also stay unapologetically true to his Ghanaian heritage.

With his upcoming project, Black Love which is slated for a surprise release he continues on that path, but with a special focus on love and relationships.

Since ebonu, he's dropped a string of singles that also capture the theme at the heart of heree project. The artist's status as a formidable MC was further solidified last month when he became the first artist to win BET's Best International Flow Award and delivered a gigl mostly in Twi that represented his heritage and Coke to the importance of black pride. The international recognition was welcomed, but it merely reemphasized what most of those paying attention to his career already knew.

It was unsurprising that he'd win an award for his flow— his fans have been raving about his for years. The latter is where South African hip-hop artist and rapper Anatii is up for a nomination because of his contribution as a composer, according to Billboard. Fellow composers Michael Uzowuru and Ayodeji Balogun as well as Come here ebony girl other composers Come here ebony girl also been Come here ebony girl for the award.