City of Leeds United in WW1

Remembering those from Leeds who gave their lives in world war one.



Found in the grounds the War Memorial remembers those men who gave their lives from the parish of St Mary the Virgin Hunslet. In total 31  men are remembered on the memorial. However the memorial was placed in such a position that it is impossible to read certain names to the rear of the memorial as it is was re positioned so close to the church. 

                                                               STILL TO BE FULLY RESEARCHED


GILL  John Robert Private 3/9415 2nd Bn West Yorkshire Regiment KIA 12/12/1914 Aged 39. Born  Son of Husband of Alice Wright Married Christchurch Leeds 29/05/1905. CWGC 2 Chadwick Court Bowman Lane. Laid to Rest Estaires Communal Cemetery Extension France.

MCDONALD  Thomas Private 5958 1st Bn West Yorkshire Regiment KIA 20/11/1914 Aged 35. Born 1879 Jarrow. 1911 Residence 19 Volta Street Selby Enlisted Selby. Husband of Jennetta Upright Married 1912 Hunslet District Registered Building. 

Remembered Ploegsteert Memorial Belgium.

CHAPMAN Norman Private 7745 1st Bn Northumberland Fusiliers 12/11/1914 Aged 35. Born Husband of Martha Jane Walker Married Leeds Christchurch 01/10/1905. CWGC 7 Oates Yard Bowman Lane.

Laid to Rest Hagle Dump Cemetery Belgium. 

SIDEBOTTOM Thomas Private 6343 "F" Company 2nd Bn King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry KIA 26/10/1914 Aged 34. Born Rothwell 1882. Son of William and Martha Pollard Married Halifax 1868. 1911 Residence 4 Coal Staith Road Occupation Green Grocer. Landed France 26/08/1914. Remembered Le Touret Memorial France.


ASHWORTH  Herbert 15/1313 15th Bn West Yorkshire Regiment KIA 01/07/1916. No other Herbert on Record.

MOSS George Henry Lance Corporal 8979 9th Bn West Yorkshire Regiment KIA 07/08/1915 Aged 32. Born Macclesfield 1883. Husband of Margeret Foley Married 1911 Hunslet. 1911 35 Grape St Hunslet Lane Occupation Engineer Labourer. Son of George Henry and Jane Duffy Married 1879 St Clement Sheepscar. Remembered Helles Memorial Turkey.

PARRY Richard Private 15482 9th Bn West Yorkshire Regiment KIA 09/08/1915 Aged 32. Born 1883 Holbeck Vol 9b Page 311. GrandSon of Richard and Alice. Son of Henry ? Remembered Helles Memorial Turkey.


THOMPSON J st Barnabos

THORNTON Henry Private 4/8638 11th Bn West Yorkshire Regiment DOW 03/12/1915 Aged 27. Born Leeds 1888. Laid to Rest Sailly-sur-la-Lys lies Canadian Cemetery France.

BEESTON Alfred Driver 95988 Royal Field Artillery DOW 28/09/1915 Aged 27. Born Leeds 1888. Husband of Martha Nettlleton Married 1908 Christ Church Leeds. 1911 24 Land Court Water Lane Holbeck Coal Hewer. Laid to Rest Noeux-les-Mines Communal Cemetery France.

CARNEY John Private 3/10649 2nd Bn West Riding Regiment 05/05/1915 Aged 18.  Born Son of Thomas and Julia CWGC 10 Salem Place. Remembered Ypres Menin Gate Belgium.

WALES Richard Private 11619 8th Bn West Riding Regiment 05/05/1915 Aged 27. Born Son of Joseph and Fanny CWGC 27 Waterloo Street.  Husband of Lily Emily CWGC 12 Bowman Lane Hunslet Road. Remembered Helles Memorial Turkey.

ROBINSON Richard 7373 1st Bn Lincolnshire Regiment Died POW 18/04/1915 Aged ? . Born Hazelwood Castle near Tadcaster. Laid to Rest Hamburg Cemetery.

WARREN Thomas Private 18541 1st Bn Border Regiment Son of Thomas and Sarah Ann CWGC Stockport Cheshire. Husband of Elizabeth CWGC 19 Fleece Cottages Meadow Lane Holbeck.


LEE Charles Able Seaman J/20266  HMS Queen Mary Died 31/05/1916 Aged 19. Son of Frederick and Alice Gertrude. CWGC 35 Black Bull Street Hunslet. Remembered Portsmouth Naval War Memorial.


BEESTON Albert Private 15726 1st Bn West Yorkshire Regiment KIA 12/10/1916 Aged 40. Born   Husband of Annie Morley Married 1897 CWGC/1911 5 Chadwick Court Bowman Lane Holbeck. Laid to Rest Bancourt British Cemetery France.

BRIGGS James Rifleman 4743 1/8th Bn West Yorkshire Regiment KIA 03/09/1916 Aged. Remembered Thiepval Memorial France.

DOLAN Albert Private 3/9173 2nd Bn West Yorkshire Regiment KIA 01/07/1916 Aged 27. Born Leeds 1889. Son of Patrick and Jane Dennis. Husband of Mary Agnes Greenwood sister of John Campbell Greenwood remembered below. Married 1911 Hunslet District Registered Building. Albert took part in the attack on Ovillers going over the top at 08:25. From  the South West of Ovillers through Mash Valley. Albert lies where he fell. Kerrie Reeve "the only items sent back to his wife were his dog tag and rosary beads which were covered in blood". Remembered Thiepval Memorial France.

GREENWOOD John Campbell Private 138284 1st Bn West Yorkshire Regiment KIA 20/01/1916 Aged 24. Born 1892 Hunslet. Son of Joseph Husband of Polly Todd Married 1913 Hunslet St Jude. 1911 Residence 101 Grape Street Hunslet residing with sister Mary Agnes. Laid to Rest Potijze Burial Ground Cemetery Belgium. 

PORRITT John Andrew Private 12742 10th Bn West Yorkshire Regiment KIA 01/07/1916 Aged 32. Born  Leeds 1883. Son of Albert and Eliza Earnshaw Married St Peter Birstall. Landed France 11/08/1915.  Laid to Rest Fricourt New Military Cemetery Somme France.

SAWYER George W West Yorkshire Regiment. Born Leeds 1896. Died at Home Leeds 1916 Aged 20. 

FITZPATRICK Walter Driver 63011 "C" Battery 111th Brigade Royal Field Artillery Died 18/05/1916 Aged 28. Born Hunslet 1888. Husband of Annie Elizabeth Chadwick Married 1908 Christ Church Leeds. 1911 10 Derby St Dewsbury Road Occupation Coal Miner. CWGC 7 New Lane Place Meadow Lane Holbeck. Landed France 26/09/1915. Laid to Rest Etaples Military Cemetery France.

TAYLOR Ernest Lance Serjeant 10960 8th Bn West Riding Regiment 23/09/1916 Aged 25. Born Leeds 1891 Baptised Non conformist Church 19/08/1891. Son of Thomas and Grace  Husband of Emma Elizabeth Marsden Married 1908 Christ Church Leeds.

Laid to Rest Warloy-Baillon Communal Cemetery France.

WARD George Private 20859 1st Bn King's Own Scottish Borderers KIA 01/07/1916 Aged 34. CWGC Son of Mr. and Mrs. E. 5 Orchella Place Hunslet. Remembered Thiepval Memorial France.



ABBOTT Charles Rifleman 306565 2/8th Bn West Yorkshire Regiment KIA 22/11/1917 Aged Born Remembered Cambrai Memorial  Louverval France.


FAWCETT Fred Private 201709 2/5th Bn West Yorkshire Regiment KIA 08/04/1917 Aged 19. Born  Son of William and Annie Hutchinson Married 1897 St Peter Leeds. CWGC 4 Nineveh Crescent Holbeck. 1911 Aged 13 Residence  18 Czar Street Holbeck Occupation Iron Turner Mechanic. Remembered Arras Memorial France.

JACKSON Herbert William Private 41739 12th Bn West Yorkshire Regiment KIA 25/03/1917 Aged 36. Born Leeds 1981. Son of William and Martha Durham Married 1880 St Silas Hunslet. Husband of Lilian Riley Married 03/10/1910 Christ Church Leeds. CWGC 30 Percy Street West Hartlepool.

Laid to Rest Faubourg-d'Amiens Cemetery Arras France.