City of Leeds United in WW1

Remembering those from Leeds who gave their lives in world war one.


All Hollows Church Regent Street Hyde Park Leeds burned down in 1970 Dedicated and Unveiled Tuesday February 15th 1921.

Burley Road Boys Council School Memorial Tablet unveiled Saturday 1st October 1921 remembering 300 boys who served in the war and a number who were killed unveiled by Mrs Joseph Clarke of Burley. Dedicated by Vicar of St Simons Reverend W Ferrens. Scriptures were read by Reverend E Parker pastor at Burley Road Baptist Chapel.

Castleton Council School Green Lane New Wortley Now Castleton Primary School.
CrossGates Institute YEP October 1919   A CROSSGATES WAR MEMORIAL. A memorial to the 13 members of the Crossgates Institute who fell in the war has been unveiled at the institute the Lord Mayor of Leeds (Mr. Joseph Henry). The Lord Mayor said that of his many duties during his term of office none gave him much pleasure this nature. He realised the grief those who had lost their sons, husbands, brothers, and friends, but the sacrifice which they had made was for the freedom and liberty of England, and was the duty for all to respectfully honour their memory. He also paid a tribute to the Leeds Pals Battalion, and said that a finer body of men never left these shores to fight and suffer for their country.
Hunslet Temperance Memorial Hall. Unveiled Saturday 24th April 1924 by Victoria Cross Winner William Boynton Butler.

Leeds City Police Force. A memorial plaque was unveiled in Leeds Town Hall on Friday 2nd November 1923 by the Lord Mayor of Leeds Frank Fountain. It remembered the 29 men from the force who gave their lives. A memorial plaque was to be placed in one of the wards in Leeds General Infirmary. The main memorial took form of a bed for perpetuity in the hospital. A cheque for a £1000.00 was handed to the hospital from the Lord Mayor. £900.00 been raised by the city's force and the other £100.00 being donated by the police cricket club. I wonder if the bed is still used and if the tablet exists.

Primitive Methodist Church Joseph Street Hunslet. Dedicated and unveiled Saturday 18th February 1922 at 15.00 Hrs by Mrs Charles Thompson, Reverend E Barraett and Reverend F J Hadfield the Lord Mayor of Leeds W Hodgson presided over the event. 

Quarry Hill P.M Church New York Road War Memorial unveiled Saturday January 15th 1921 at 19.300 Hrs by chairman Mr J Batty. No details of number of men or description of memorial available.

Quarry Hill St Marys Church Lych Gate. Houses were demolished to provide room for the memorial on St Marys Lane. Unveiled 11th November 1922 by Reverend G A Dunlop. 

St Clements Church Sheepscar. Unveiled by Reverend W H Baddeley Saturday March 22nd 1922. Demolished 1976.

St Francis Church Bismarck Street Holbeck.

Leeds Mercury 14th June 1920.   

The unveiling of a memorial to those who fell in the war took place, last evening, at St. Francis’ Church, Holbeck, Leeds. The ceremony was performed by Capt. Wiseman, and the Very Rev. Canon Bray delivered an appropriate address. The memorial takes the form of Calvary and three carved figures, having ornamental background of green marble, on which, in letters of gold are inscribed the names of nearly two hundred men in the parish who died in battle.


St Silas Mission Church Hunslet Dedicated unveiled at 15.30 Hrs on Sunday April 17th 1921 by Preacher Mr W Ward. demolished 1956.


S Silas, Hunslet
St Silas Hunslet  

St Mathews Church Chapel Allerton contained a Roll of Honour with over 80 names. Church was demolished in the 1930s not known if the memorial survived.

Woodhouse Carr Wesleyan Church Unveiled by Edward Greaves and Reverend E C Watson Sunday May 6th 1922. No details of memorial or number of men remembered.

YEP AND Yorkshire Post Memorial Tablet of members of staff who gave their lives in the great war unveiled by the vicar of Leeds at the YEP Yorkshire Post offices Friday November 18th 1921. YEP has grainy photo of the memorial on this date. not possible to read but appears to remember 34 men.

YMCA Leeds. Over 70 names

 Leeds Intelligencer 4th June 1920. 


Daring the war the Leeds Y.M.C.A. lost over seventy members. To their memory has been erected the Y.M.C.A. building a handsome memorial designed and largely executed by Mr. Frank Dean, the carving and cabinet work having bean done by Messers Teal. The memorial is a large morel tablet, about 10ft. by 6 ft and divided vertically into seven panels. The centre of these occupied by a painting of Christ bearing the Cross. The remainder contain the names, incised in the oak, of those who died. The heavy moulding above the mural tablet takes a semi circular form above the panel, focussing the eye upon the keynote of the whole, and according well with the architecture of thew neighbouring windows the memorial being on the landing of the stairs, adjacent to the door of the lecture hall. The general impression conveyed by the memorial is that of quit resolve, sacrifice, and hope. Mr. Dean's picture a misty darkness obscures the landscape which forms the background, but from the sky comes effulgence of light obliterating in part the hard outlines of the Cross itself. This may be taken as not only greatly helping the design from the pictorial point view, but true and proper symbol the conditions in which in 1914, these young men went forth. From them, as from the nation, the land was hid, but illumination and alleviation came from above. Present conditions are in many respects similar to those of 1914, and therefore this picture and these names are not only a memorial the past but an inspiration for the future. The one point which criticism may be directed is that the badge the well-known red triangle of the Y.M.C.A., now in the centre of the base of the tablet, distracts the eye, perhaps chiefly because is too small to self explanatory at a little distance. It is however, to be replaced by a larger badge, which may meet the difficulty. The memorial will publicly unveiled Sunday next p.m. by Lieut. E. G. Bradley, one those who came back, and Mr. R. Armitage, M.P., President of the Y.M.C.A., the Rev. E. H. Dyke., the Rov. J. W. Lightley, the Rev. F. Wrigley. and Lieut. G. A. Fearnside will take part in the ceremony.